Getting started

Engineering Village offers a variety of features and smart  tools to help you stay current with research and authors, track citations and manage your account or profile, all starting from the main navigation bar.


Click Search Quick SearchExpert Search and Thesaurus Search then select the specific databases you would like to search.

Selected Records

Click Selected records to view the document records you have collected from the Search results page so you can email, print, download or set up an Alert.*


Click Settings to view or edit your profile and general settings in Engineering Village.

Tags & Groups

Click Tags & Groups to search Tags that are public, private or specific to your institution, view or edit Groups or rename or delete tags.


Click Bulletins to view the most recent bulletins from EnCompassLit and EnCompassPat as well as access archival content.

*You must register to set up Alerts.

Register to set up Alerts

Follow the steps below to register as a new user. Once registered, you can take advantage of Alerts, personalized features and organizational tools.

  1. Click ‘Register’ at the top of the page and complete the data entry form. The information entered is stored in a profile that can be edited by clicking ‘Settings’ on the top navigation bar.
  2. Use the ‘Remember Me’ option so you don't have to login every time you visit.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS – You have created your personal account.

Network with Engineering Village Experts

Engineering Village provides access to engineering experts, product specialists, and librarians, helping you get answers to very specific questions. Click on the Ask an Expert link in the product, select the expert that best meets your needs, and submit your question.

Get Help

Context-sensitive Help is accessible from every Engineering Village page in the ‘Support’ dropdown on the main navigation bar. Interactive ‘Tutorial’ training can be activated from the ‘Support’  menu from ‘Expert Search’ and ‘Results’ pages, while video tutorials can be viewed through the Training in ‘Latest  Resources’.

Engineering Village Quick Reference Guide

For a written overview to help you get started with Engineering Village, use our Quick Reference Guide.

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