Plastic resin companies face information challenges

Chemtiva delivers critical information necessary to develop new plastic resin applications

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As plastic resins are developed and tested for consumer-based applications, toxicology and regulatory risks are always a concern. Will the foods coming in contact with the plastic resin be safe? Can the plastic resin be in contact with consumers? Can the plastic resin be safely disposed and/or recycled?

Quickly view the scientific & commercial landscape of a substance

These are questions that are frequently asked when a new consumer product requires a plastic encasing. Knowing this information quickly can have huge impacts on the bottom line. These scenarios can lead to:

  • A competitor getting ahead or losing a deal
  • Legal repercussions when the plastic resin has a negative impact on the environment, health or safety of consumers
  • More investments into research and development, ultimately deteriorating the bottom line

Chemtiva, Elsevier’s newest solution, provides critical information necessary to overcome these hurdles. A toxicologist using Chemtiva told us that it:

  • Reduced research time from hours to minutes
  • Found more accurate information than her prior sources
  • Even “inexperienced toxicologists” have a higher chance of finding the right documents

Due to Chemtiva, she was able to find toxicology information about a plastic resin quickly, and verify that it was suitable for the various applications it was being tested for.

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