How Chemtiva mitigates commercial risks

In today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, chemical companies operate under extraordinary levels of risk — from R&D to production and sales.

Those risks increase as traditionally dependable sectors give way to volatile new ones, and large-scale demand becomes divided into an increasingly diverse array of niches.

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mitigate commercial risk with Chemtiva

Chemtiva brings together multi-source data relevant to every stage of chemical manufacturing, helping researchers mitigate a variety of risks as they bring products to market.

Chemtiva helps developers identify markets and trends for chemical products.

As demand for many chemical compounds grows increasingly volatile, manufacturers face the ongoing challenge of adapting their portfolios around the demands of emerging and declining markets. For example, while petrochemical energy gives way to alternative power sources, demand for environmentally friendly agricultural chemicals is driving the growth of a new multibillion-dollar sector.

Chemtiva helps chemical companies identify and manage the risks of developing compounds for unpredictable markets, by aggregating data on pricing, shipments, regulatory approvals, and numerous other factors that impact product performance. In addition, Chemtiva’s news updates can help decision makers identify new opportunities in developing markets around the globe, inspiring data-driven portfolio diversification.

Along the way, chemical company leaders must  think about:

Commercial risk mitigation in chemical industry
Commercial risk mitigation
Develop cost-efficient, market-ready products at scale
Safety & compliance
Safety & compliance
Ensure safety throughout the product lifecycle
Efficient cross-department collaboration
Efficient cross-department collaboration
Avoid silos of information
Digitization in chemical industry
Create efficiencies through digitizing information & processes

Chemtiva helps ensure that suitable materials are identified for large scale production.

Yesterday’s large-scale chemical markets are fragmenting into an increasingly diverse spectrum of sectors. As chemical companies have increased needs to innovate, companies need to ensure materials scale into large scale production. Without thorough access to information, risks emerge that can be detrimental to costs, timelines, health and safety and much more.

Chemtiva brings together a wealth of data on sales of existing chemical solutions, along with up-to-date information on regulatory decisions in regions around the world. This verified data empowers chemical decision makers to adapt their product portfolios around the requirements of booming new sectors like agro chemicals or fragrances and flavors, maximizing the large-scale marketplace performance of each novel compound they develop.

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Chemtiva helps ensure that products can be manufactured sustainably at manageable cost.

Fluctuating raw-material and energy costs represent significant risks to the long-term viability of manufacturing any chemical product at a commercial scale. As conventional energy sources like crude oil continue to rise in price, and many raw materials exhibit high pricing volatility, many chemical firms are turning to “closed-loop” circular solutions in which they seek to reclaim maximum value from their own facilities and production processes, through the use of renewable energy sources and reclaimed waste products.

Chemtiva provides decision makers with in-depth data on potential sources of renewable raw materials, both around the world and within their own internal pipelines. It complements this data with regulatory information on the safety of these materials and helps provide insights on the reclamation of these materials, helping chemical firms discover cost-effective manufacturing practices that can be sustained over the long term.

Who is Chemtiva for?

Chemtiva is an enterprise solution created to reduce risk and enable better decision making for R&D, Engineering & EHS Professionals. Chemtiva covers a range of benefits from business-side strategic decision making to technical-side product development.

R&D chemist

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  • Select components for a formulation
  • Assess market competition
  • Review material compatibility

R&D chemist

EHS professional

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  • Help ensure health & safety
  • Review chemical toxicity
  • Comply with regulatory

EHS professional

Engineers & business analysts

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  • Discover commercial suppliers
  • Evaluate capital investment decisions

Engineers & Business analysts

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Mitigate commercial risk in chemical industry