How Chemtiva alleviates material safety risks

The crucial importance of trusted data in material selection and handling in the chemical industry

Every day, leaders at chemical companies depend on accurate, current information to help them choose safe materials and alleviate risks. Unverified or out-of-date information, by contrast, can lead to costly mistakes at any stage of product development, manufacturing or distribution.

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from material selection to production

For example, emerging research on a material’s reactivity may demonstrate that the compound will react dangerously at a certain stage of its intended production pipeline. Little-known discoveries about a material’s toxicity may caution that stringent health and safety guidelines should be put in place for employees who handle it. Breaking news on a material’s regulatory status may indicate that a major economic region has banned sales of products containing it.

In all these cases, along with many others, a database of trustworthy material safety information on can help decision-makers identify and mitigate risks before they become serious liabilities. This is exactly the functionality Chemtiva provides — all within one unified, easy-to-use platform.

Chemtiva brings current verified data to chemical professionals

Throughout every area of chemical manufacturing, experts need to know they can rely on the accuracy of the data on which they base their material-related decisions. Problematically, however, information surfaced via a public search engine is frequently inaccurate and/or out-of-date. All data found in Chemtiva, by contrast, has been carefully vetted by a team of subject matter experts (SMEs). Furthermore, these experts proactively seek out and aggregate new data as it reaches publication, ensuring that all Chemtiva results accurately reflect the latest findings in every area of chemical research.

Along the way, chemical company leaders must  think about:

Commercial risk mitigation - pictogram
Commercial risk mitigation
Develop cost-efficient, market-ready products at scale
Safety & compliance - pictogram
Safety & compliance
Ensure safety throughout the product lifecycle
Efficient cross-department collaboration - pictogram
Efficient cross-department collaboration
Avoid silos of information
Digitization - pictogram
Create efficiencies through digitizing information & processes

Chemtiva can help you make material selection easier with actionable data

Mistakes at any stage of research or manufacturing can result in delays, fees and lost product value. To address these risks, Chemtiva not only brings together reactivity data that helps research chemists avoid costly “blind alleys” but also incorporates toxicology and safety data sheets (TDS and SDS) that help employee health and safety (EHS) professionals create healthier workplaces. In addition, Chemtiva makes it easier for manufacturing engineers to understand the latest regulatory decisions, enabling them to design safer and more compliant commercial-scale products and processes.

diverse array of actionable material information

Chemtiva’s information empowers decision-makers in the chemical industry to mitigate material safety risks

In the competitive, chemical marketplace, every material-related decision represents a strategic bet involving some level of risk. These risks can appear in a myriad of forms, from missed market opportunities and research delays to workplace hazards and legal liabilities. Chemtiva helps decision-makers identify and manage all these types of risks, by providing verified search results and clear visualizations of the reactivity, safety, toxicology and regulatory status of every material under consideration.

Chemtiva helps decision-makers in the chemical industry to mitigate material safety risks

By bringing this range of functionality together within a single platform, Chemtiva streamlines the discovery, visualization and sharing of data on millions of compounds. Insights derived from this data help fuel more informed and objective decisions on the selection and handling of potentially hazardous materials, significantly mitigating risks throughout every stage of chemical development and manufacturing. That’s why Chemtiva is trusted by forward-thinking decision makers at leading chemical companies around the globe.

Who is Chemtiva for?

Chemtiva is an enterprise solution created to reduce risk and enable better decision making for R&D, Engineering & EHS Professionals. Chemtiva covers a range of benefits from business-side strategic decision making to technical-side product development.

R&D chemist

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  • Select components for a formulation
  • Assess market competition
  • Review material compatibility

R&D chemist

EHS professional

EHS - pictogram

  • Help ensure health & safety
  • Review chemical toxicity
  • Comply with regulatory

EHS professional

Engineers & business analysts

    Engineer - pictogram

  • Discover commercial suppliers
  • Evaluate capital investment decisions

Engineers & Business analysts

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