How Chemtiva drives digitization in the chemical industry

Chemical research and manufacturing facilities generate tremendous amounts of data — much of which can be leveraged to enhance efficiency and increase yields.

Digital analysis of a company’s energy usage and production pipelines can help reduce reliance on low-efficiency feedstocks and practices, significantly improving ROI across the board.

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How Chemtiva drives digitization in chemical industry

With digital tools designed specifically for use by chemical companies, Chemtiva empowers decision makers to manage risks and identify opportunities with unparalleled accuracy.

Chemtiva provides real-time insights tailored for chemical decision makers.

While numerous other industries have benefited from the use of unified digital toolkits, decision makers at many chemical firms have remained hampered by tools developed in the pre-digital era or specialized for the needs of a single facility or department. In addition, many firms that have maintained their competitive edge without the use of digital toolkits remain resistant to investing in the development of such tools — fueling an industry-wide cycle in which lack of data on digital transformation continues to limit rates of investment and adoption.

Chemtiva breaks this cycle of resistance by providing an easily searchable database designed specifically for the workflows of chemical companies. By aggregating information from millions of datasets and toxicology reports, along with hundreds of thousands of safety and technical datasheets, and peer-reviewed research from thousands of publishers, Chemtiva delivers up-to-date insights on the physical properties, regulatory compliance, and market performance of millions of compounds, powering real-time objective decision making.

Along the way, chemical company leaders must  think about:

Commercial risk mitigation - pictogram
Commercial risk mitigation
Develop cost-efficient, market-ready products at scale
Safety & compliance - pictogram
Safety & compliance
Ensure safety throughout the product lifecycle
Efficient cross-department collaboration - pictogram
Efficient cross-department collaboration
Avoid silos of information
Digitization - pictogram
Create efficiencies through digitizing information & processes

Chemtiva’s verified digital data helps leaders assess risks and spot opportunities.

Although every chemical company seeks to increase its competitive edge in the marketplace, every new initiative simultaneously entails an increase in risk exposure. For this reason, chemical firms that can accurately identify risks, predict their impact, and balance them with worthwhile investments will be most effective at allocating their R&D budgets in ways that maximize the ROI of each new production process.

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Chemtiva provides instantaneous access to an integrated database of millions of chemical data points, all verified and updated by our in-house team of subject matter experts. By providing data more accurate and current than that found on any search engine, Chemtiva enables chemical decision makers to fill the variables of their risk equations with unprecedented precision, drawing on facts guaranteed to be well-sourced, up-to-date, and correct.

Chemtiva’s specialized toolkits help drive pilot programs for digital transformation.

Digitization on an organization-wide scale can indeed represent significant investment and risk for a chemical company. Thus, a preferable approach is to begin with a single digital pilot program within at a specific pipeline or department. A growing number of chemical companies have effectively managed the inherent risks of digital transformation by adopting data-driven decision making in one particular area, then expanding to additional areas as these initial experiments demonstrate their value for the company.

Chemtiva offers a correlated database of verified, instantly accessible insights on pricing, suppliers, reactivity and safety of millions of chemical compounds, greatly simplifying the process of digitizing any R&D or manufacturing pipeline. Chemtiva’s flexibility enables it to plug seamlessly into workflows throughout a chemical organization, eliminating the need to design or vet a new software toolkit for each digital pilot program. As a result, the process of digitization is greatly simplified, yielding an ideal tradeoff between investment and rapid return.

Who is Chemtiva for?

Chemtiva is an enterprise solution created to reduce risk and enable better decision making for R&D, Engineering & EHS Professionals. Chemtiva covers a range of benefits from business-side strategic decision making to technical-side product development.

R&D chemist

chemists - pictogram

  • Select components for a formulation
  • Assess market competition
  • Review material compatibility

R&D chemist

EHS professional

EHS - pictogram

  • Help ensure health & safety
  • Review chemical toxicity
  • Comply with regulatory

EHS professional

Engineers & business analysts

    Engineer - pictogram

  • Discover commercial suppliers
  • Evaluate capital investment decisions

Engineers & Business analysts

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