How Chemtiva streamlines cross-department collaboration

A chemical company that digitizes each department in a piecemeal fashion remains blocked off from the most impactful benefits of digital transformation.

Much of the data generated by chemical facilities lies trapped in separate informational silos — stored in formats and schemes specialized for specific departments, not for the whole.

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cross-department collaboration in chemical company

By helping chemical decision makers unify their firms’ internal data with information from an array of other verified sources, Chemtiva fuels cross-collaboration that drives business results.

Chemtiva integrates internal data with a wealth of information from external sources.

Although chemical facilities generate vast amounts of internal data every day, few firms have taken proactive steps to integrate this information with data from external sources, such as upstream suppliers, toxicology centers and academic publications. As a result, project managers are forced to perform manual searches for external datasets — then verify that the data they’ve found is up-to-date and accurate, and can be meaningfully correlated with internal statistics.

Chemtiva eliminates the need for such repetitive tasks, by automatically cross-referencing internal information with millions of datasets from chemical suppliers, research labs, academic institutions and regulatory bodies around the world. The platform’s intuitive search functionality enables leaders to quickly locate the information they seek, analyze it in a holistic manner, and share it with teams throughout their organization.

Along the way, chemical company leaders must  think about:

Commercial risk mitigation - pictogram
Commercial risk mitigation
Develop cost-efficient, market-ready products at scale
Safety & compliance - pictogram
Safety & compliance
Ensure safety throughout the product lifecycle
Efficient cross-department collaboration - pictogram
Efficient cross-department collaboration
Avoid silos of information
Digitization in chemical industry - pictogram
Create efficiencies through digitizing information & processes

Chemtiva’s unified database helps fuel cross-collaboration among all departments.

Most of the internal data collected by chemical facilities is stored in file formats and schemes that were adopted on an ad-hoc basis as each department expanded. Thus, experts in R&D, production and other departments come to rely on their own separate ecosystems of staff, equipment, software and analytics tools — each optimized for their own department’s workflow, but incompatible with the data formats used in other areas of the organization.

Chemtiva circumvents the challenges of navigating cross-departmental chains of communication to obtain verified datasets, by streamlining the process of centralizing data from all departments in a single unified database. Furthermore, Chemtiva provides tools for creating, sharing, personalizing and collaborating on projects, connecting experts from many departments into a single organization-wide network of real-time collaboration.

Chemtiva drives the process of unsiloing data, delivering measurable business impact.

When scientists, engineers, and EHS professionals gain access to a single unified database of verified information, they’re empowered to discover cross-departmental insights at every stage of the chemical product lifecycle, from R&D through scale-up to production. These insights drive the development of efficiency improvements, risk-mitigating workplace policies, and tighter synchronization throughout the entire production pipeline.

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Chemtiva enables leaders in every area of the organization to instantly access and analyze the information they need, at the moments they need it most, with a guarantee that this data is current and verified. By reducing the time needed to access and verify any piece of information, Chemtiva fuels faster and more informed decision making — increasing operational efficiency, reducing waste, speeding time-to-market, and delivering measurable impact to a chemical firm’s bottom line.

With tools such as MyChemtiva, users can share and collaborate on projects together in Chemtiva. By using MyChemtiva, users have one place where all their project information sits, allowing ease of access on demand. No more searching through E-mails and folders looking for information on projects.

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