Chemtiva for R&D chemist

Making informed decisions for R&D chemist can be difficult in the chemical industry. Information is often in multiple sources and platforms, sometimes with varying access depending on the department. This can introduce challenges when professionals try to ensure product compliance. With Chemtiva, chemical organizations can understand material compatibility, understand commercial feasibility, understand regulatory landscape in various countries, stay up to date on the latest information, trends and much more. With shifting markets, Chemtiva allows R&D chemists to have critical information at their fingertips and stay competitive.

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R&D chemist

Chemtiva delivers comprehensive scientific and commercial information for product development specialists.

It provides instant access to verified data on all the following:

    Chemical formulations - pictogram
    Chemical formulations — enabling researchers to quickly find and select commercially available materials for new product development and lab applications

    Hazard risks - pictogram
    Hazard risks — helping mitigate a wide variety of risks across the entire product lifecycle, potentially saving millions of dollars

    Supplier and trade analytics - pictogram
    Supplier and trade analytics — offering new insights on cost-effective raw material sources, as well as partners who may wish to purchase byproducts and surplus

    Regulatory constraints and toxicology - pictogram
    Regulatory constraints and toxicology — ensuring product compliance and safety before sale-up to commercial production

    News and trend reports - pictogram
    News and trend reports — keeping decision makers on top of the latest industry shifts, so they can adapt to maintain their competitive advantage

    This wealth of data enables chemical companies to avoid material selection mistakes, get to market faster with superior products, and achieve competitive and commercial advantages in an increasingly fast-paced global landscape.

Who we serve

R&D chemists

  • Select components for formulations
  • Assess market competition
  • Review material compatibility

Business analysts

  • Review price & suppliers
  • Stay up to speed on chemical news

EHS professionals

  • Help ensure health & safety
  • Review chemical toxicity
  • Comply with regulations


  • Discover commercial suppliers
  • evaluate capital investment decisions

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