How Chemtiva works

Chemtiva is aggregating and correlating data from a wide range of verified sources, and integrating that data into one platform serving commercial feasibility, safety, and compliance challenges, and more.

Chemtiva achieves this by:

  1. Data and information aggregation
    Chemtiva acquires and organizes information — including physical properties, reactions, regulations, toxicology reports, news, SDS, suppliers, pricing and shipments — from millions of journals and research databases.
  2. Expert verification
    Chemtiva’s in-house team of subject matter experts analyze the data for accuracy and currency, rejecting any information that is inaccurate, imprecise or irrelevant.
  3. Updating and expansion
    Chemtiva’s SMEs constantly seek out new sources of information to add to the solutions’ database, as well as expanding existing content and updating information that may be growing outdated.
  4. Real-time visualizations
    Chemtiva not only returns comprehensive, up-to-date search results, it visualizes data of chemical substances on the fly, providing top-level overviews generating insights quickly to grasp.

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Why choose Chemtiva

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