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Successful chemical engineering requires operational excellence (OE) — a set of best practices for coordinating operations across the value chain to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Maintaining OE improves business outcomes in a wide range of ways, from reducing risks and costs to increasing competitive edges and profit margins. For all these reasons, OE is a key objective for chemical engineers throughout every stage of the manufacturing pipeline.

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Chemical engineer and business analyst maintaining OE

Finding information for Chemical Engineers

If engineers lack accurate informational inputs on their supply chain and facility management operations, this places them at a distinct disadvantage in regard to efficiency, cost-effectiveness and adaptiveness. In order to avoid these impediments, engineers require an accurate understanding of the landscape of technical, safety and commercial information relevant to their production environment.

Furthermore, chemical firms need on-demand access to accurate commercial information to remain agile enough to adapt their manufacturing processes in response to shifting market factors. This information includes up-to-date insights on global trade analytics, as well as commercial suppliers and regulatory changes — along with technical and safety datasheets on millions of raw materials and intermediary compounds.

Save Costs and Make Better Decisions

This data not only helps engineers achieve cost savings on commercial-scale materials but also enables them to forge more advantageous supplier relationships and to ensure the health and safety of workers at their facilities. In addition, accurate chemical datasets enable engineers to keep their firms cost-effective in today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, while simultaneously developing more mutually beneficial partnerships and practices.

But even so, accurate data on its own is not enough. Engineers also need a toolkit for analyzing, visualizing and collaborating around the data they use. Such a toolkit is mission-critical for enabling teams throughout a chemical organization to effectively leverage the datasets to which they have access. Engineers who can not only access data — but also share and present it clearly —  are well equipped to identify and manage risks, and ensure that all operations run smoothly throughout the complex facilities in which they work.

Data designed to help engineers in the chemical industry

Chemtiva is designed to help engineers select commercially available materials at competitive costs, understand the compatibilities and risks of those materials, and adapt to new regulatory constraints on tight timescales. It helps engineers achieve all the following:

Identify and select materials - pictogram
Identify and select materials that are quickly obtainable and available for commercial applications at cost-effective prices

Understand compatibilities and risks of materials - pictogram
Understand compatibilities and risks of materials under consideration for new commercial applications and manufacturing pipelines

Adapt to regulatory constraints - pictogram
Adapt to regulatory constraints affecting a wide variety of compounds and processes, any time a change is made to a facility or process

Assess global trade patterns - pictogram
Assess global trade patterns through the use of in-depth analytics that provide clear optics on the worldwide landscape of chemical traffic

Stay on top of industry trends and news - pictogram
Stay on top of industry trends and news with regular updates on emerging markets, changing trade patterns, new regulations, and other significant factors

In all these ways, Chemtiva empowers chemical engineers to mitigate a wide variety of risks, cultivate supplier relationships that bring ongoing advantages, and safeguard their employees’ health and safety — as well as their company’s market position in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Who we serve

R&D chemists

  • Select components for formulations
  • Assess market competition
  • Review material compatibility

Business analysts

  • Review price & suppliers
  • Stay up to speed on chemical news

EHS professionals

  • Help ensure health & safety
  • Review chemical toxicity
  • Comply with regulations


  • Discover commercial suppliers
  • evaluate capital investment decisions

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