EHS Professional needs to ensure safety in the chemical industry.

Environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals face the ongoing challenge of ensuring the health and safety of workers and facilities in a world filled with hostile and hazardous situations in the chemical industry. Furthermore, EHS professional must go beyond workers and facilities and ensure safety for consumers and the environment. Ensuring EHS professionals have access to critical information such as toxicology reports, material safety data sheets, substance information and more is critical to a successful EHS team.

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Mitigate risks and save costs.

On top of this challenge, EHS professional must also help their companies navigate the financial risks of failing to comply with regulations. Running the necessary tests to ensure a product’s or facility’s safety may cost millions of dollars — but the costs of failing to safeguard employee and consumer health can be far higher. Legal costs related to safety shortfalls can be crippling, as can fines for failing to comply with occupational health requirements.

Furthermore, rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of many compounds has intensified regulatory pressure to develop ecologically friendly products and manufacture them in sustainable ways. Fines for failing to adhere to environmental regulatory constraints can run into the tens of millions, and the negative publicity surrounding such failures can inflict long-term damage on a chemical company’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Generate Positive ROI as an EHS professional.

On the other hand, many chemical firms have found that reducing their EHS impact has generated positive business outcomes — particularly by increasing operational efficiency, mitigating health risks, and reducing the likelihood of negative product perception. However, the information needed to generate effective and up-to-date EHS policies is often diverse and scattered across a wide range of formats, from regulatory data to toxicology reports to material data sheets.

Chemical firms that harness the power of such regulatory and toxicology data can successfully reduce workplace hazards throughout the entire lifecycle of every product they manufacture. In addition, well-informed EHS professionals stand in an excellent position to assess and manage the environmental impact of their companies’ products and to help their companies remain agile and adaptive as new market conditions emerge over time.

Chemtiva offers 1+ million toxicology reports and much more!

Chemtiva brings together more than 1 million of toxicology reports, material safety data sheets, and other information that helps environmental health and safety professionals make more informed decisions, keeping workers and facilities safe. It’s designed to help EHS personnel achieve all the following:

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Analyze regulatory and toxicology data from 130+ countries, in order to ensure safe working environments for researchers and engineers

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Effectively mitigate risks related to health, safety and environmental shortfalls, potentially saving tens of millions of dollars in fees

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Shape safer material selection decisions, leading to the creation of lower-risk internal processes and manufacturing facilities

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Select more compliant chemical suppliers, fueling partnerships that support more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains

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Gain a clear view of product safety for every compound manufactured, helping safeguard the health and safety of consumers around the globe

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Stay up-to-date on emerging trends surrounding EHS changes, and their implications for suppliers, products, substances, and consumers

By helping EHS professionals stay abreast of evolving conditions in all these areas, Chemtiva helps ensure the health of workers, the safety of facilities, and the regulatory compliance and ecological friendliness of end products — empowering chemical firms to retain their competitive edge in an increasingly hazardous marketplace.

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EHS professionals

  • Help ensure health & safety
  • Review chemical toxicity
  • Comply with regulations


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