Chemtiva is the best information solution for mitigating risks and solving commercial & scientific feasibility, compliance, and safety challenges in the chemical industry

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Discover how Chemtiva helps R&D and EHS professionals find technical answers and insights efficiently.

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Tackling the top circular economy challenges for chemical companies.

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Chemtiva: Risk mitigation & digitization in the chemical industry

Competition in the chemical industry is tougher than ever. With increased needs to innovate and outpace the competition, new risks emerge. Managing and mitigating these risks can be a difficult process. Without accurate information, professionals in the chemical industry can have difficulties making critical decisions.

Chemtiva leverages a multitude of technologies to bring critical information together to mitigate risk in new and existing chemical products.

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What is Chemtiva?

Chemtiva is the best solution for solving commercial feasibility, compliance, and safety challenges in the chemical industry—answering commercial and scientific questions across the entire product lifecycle from R&D to production. It empowers new product development, safety & compliance by providing information necessary to mitigating risks.

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Risk management is critical in the chemical industry and understanding information from regulatory landscape, toxicology reports, substance availability and much more is critical to new product development. Chemtiva enables companies in the chemical industry to leverage information and mitigate risks in:

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Supply chain

Chemtiva at a glance

Discover how Chemtiva helps R&D and EHS professionals find technical answers and insights efficiently.

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What does Chemtiva do?

Chemtiva aggregates research, toxicology, safety, regulatory, reaction and commercial data from millions of datasets — empowering leaders to instantly access, visualize and share the data their teams need to drive accurate decision making throughout the product lifecycle. It is the only tool that includes both commercial and scientific information necessary for strategic decision making.

How Chemtiva works

How we deliver value

  • The most comprehensive commercial and scientific content across entire chemical product lifecycle
  • Best-in-class information & data discoverability and visualization
  • Tools to enable cross-department collaboration

How Chemtiva works

Who is Chemtiva for?

Chemtiva is an enterprise solution created to reduce risk and enable better decision making for R&D, Engineering & EHS Professionals. Chemtiva covers a range of benefits from business-side strategic decision making to technical-side product development.

R&D chemist

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  • Select components for a formulation
  • Assess market competition
  • Review material compatibility

R&D chemist

EHS professional

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  • Help ensure health & safety
  • Review chemical toxicity
  • Comply with regulatory

EHS professional

Engineers & business analysts

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  • Discover commercial suppliers
  • Evaluate capital investment decisions

Engineers & Business analysts

What our customers are saying:

“Google isn’t for scientists. Chemtiva understands you.”Principal Investigator
“I haven’t seen anything that does what you’re proposing with this solution”R&D Manager

What content is included in Chemtiva?

  • Scientific literature - 5000+ international publishers
  • Industry news - 200+ industry trade publications and 300+ chemical company websites
  • Toxicology - 1M+ substances from 9M+ suppliers
  • Safety datasheets - 750k+ safety datasheets of 17k+ suppliers
  • Regulations - 155K+ substances in 6K+ lists
  • Physical properties (chemicals) - Physical properties summary of chemicals from scientific literature
  • Patents - 12 patent offices
  • Technical datasheets - 133K+ technical datasheets of 1K+ suppliers
  • Reactions - Reaction pathways summary of 13M+ substances
  • Commerical shipments - Real-time global shipment transaction data; 1 billion shipment records from 8 million companies
  • Product catalogs - 2 catalogs (eMolecules and Sigma Aldrich)

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