Technologies & Innovations

Elsevier is at the forefront of publishing in electronic formats that greatly expand visibility, market perception, and revenue generation. We take pride in embracing new technology and adapting to user needs in order to deliver content in a high-quality format to the widest possible audience. Your journal and membership will benefit from the powerful capabilities of our web platforms and also from our robust investment in mobile technology to service both member and institutional market segments.

In a world in which technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, we understand the importance of staying abreast of the latest developments. We continuously monitor and assess new online solutions and technologies and investigate and invest in exploring new directions, innovation, and product development. The evolution of our industry-leading ScienceDirect platform (including Article of the Future design) is just one example of our commitment to embracing new online technologies.

To support the specifics of different market segments, your journal is clearly branded and presented in a dedicated content web site and via our powerful ScienceDirect platform.

Your society can benefit from increased GLOBAL CONTENT DISSEMINATION online through:

  • Elsevier's industry-leading ScienceDirect platform. Targeted at institutions, ScienceDirect hosts 25% of the world's science, technology, and medicine full-text bibliographic information and can provide your journal with unrivalled visibility, profile, and market penetration worldwide.

  • Audience-specific resources such as ClinicalKey, a new online clinical reference product built expressly to meet the needs of clinicians in the hospital setting.

  • A customized society-branded online presence for your members with multimedia components and seamless linking from your society website.
    Society Branding

  • A customized journal home page on the platform. This site provides a modern, flexible platform that allows for marketing of journal related news and content of interest to authors, reviewers and editors.
    Elsevier Journal homepage

  • Full-text content access via mobile devices for society members and journal subscribers.
  • Innovative online initiatives that enhance the reader experience and article functionality (such as the Article of the Future design).
    Social Media Society Promo

  • Participation in a range of philanthropic initiatives, such as Research4Life, which provides free and low cost access to over 100 countries for health, agricultural and environmental sciences journals.

  • Article-Level Metrics
    Elsevier understands that scientists now require more specifics about their articles and how they are being viewed and used by their peers in the scientific community.

    Article-Level Metrics quantify the reach and impact of published research. They incorporate new data sources with traditional measures to present a richer picture of how an article is being discussed, shared, and used. Traditional article-level metrics include citations and usage figures. Altmetrics are a sub-set of article-level metrics, and measure article mentions on news sites, blogs, Wikipedia, and comments on the articles, captures on research oriented social media/network sites including CiteULike and Mendeley and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc).

  • Journal Metrics
    Although Article-Level Metrics are becoming increasingly important, editors can find it tough to make their journal stand out from the crowd. Equally, authors can struggle to find the best home for their research and we know that a desire for more clarity around journal performance is high on their wish lists. For that reason, we have launched Journal Insights on Elsevier's journals home pages. Journal Insights display a variety of journal metrics to give an-in-depth portrait of a journal.