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Innovative, technology-driven products and services

Elsevier is at the forefront of publishing in electronic formats that greatly expand visibility, market perception, and increase revenue generation. We take pride in embracing new technology and adapting to user needs in order to deliver content in a high-quality format to the widest possible audience. Your journal and membership will benefit from the powerful capabilities of our web platforms and also from our robust investment in mobile technology to service both member and institutional market segments.

Technology-driven products and services embedded throughout the organization. Our products optimize content quality, relevance, dissemination and understanding. A forward-thinking culture of innovation underpins all that we do.

Elsevier Society Journal Platforms and Related Products

Journal-branded state-of-the-art online platform and management system

Equipped for semantic search and improved mobile reading experience, and mobile-friendly strategy for tablets and smartphones. Includes suite of customizable solutions that deliver content in a way that inspire engagement and increase usage.

Mobile Strategy

Elsevier is committed to fully meeting the mobile access needs of your society members and journal subscribers and is broadly investing in mobile technologies. The goals of our mobile strategy are:

    • Expand the readership of your journal and increase usage by adding convenience
    • Reach new audiences with their preferred media formats
    • Provide additional mobile e-commerce opportunities
    • Expand advertising and commercial revenue opportunities.

Mayo Clinic APhA publications

Multiple ways to access content

  • ClinicalKey - Lead with answersClinicalKey, an online clinical reference product expressly meets the needs of clinicians in the hospital setting. ClinicalKey creates clinical Smart Content by mapping searchable journal, book, image, and video content to Elsevier's proprietary taxonomy, EMMeT: Elsevier's Merged Medical Taxonomy. EMMeT is comprehensive, including more than 250,000 core clinical concepts and more than a million synonyms, and is constantly managed by a dedicated team of Elsevier medical informaticists.
  • World's leading online platform for institutional users (ScienceDirect), with ongoing commitment to investigating new online solutions and investing in innovation and product development.
  • customized journal home page on the platform. This site provides a modern, flexible platform that allows for marketing of journal related news and content of interest to authors, reviewers and editors.

Author Tools

MendeleyMendeley® is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research:

  • Collaborate easily with other researchers online
  • Promote awareness and visibility of your society
  • Showcase your renowned members and their work
  • Connect and interact with your target community
  • Advertise an upcoming event or keep attendees connected afterwards
  • Help keep your community up-to-date on new developments in your field.

Elsevier's ROS (Research Operating System) initiative – a drive to combine data from our platforms and create tools and services for researchers that help them be in control of information, make valuable connections and deliver higher quality research. My Research Dashboard is a proof point of the value Elsevier creates by bringing together our unique strengths in content, technology and researcher networks. Rachael, is there somewhere you recommend linking ROS to?

EVISE® is Elsevier's new web-based system to support the editorial process for journals which replaces the Elsevier Editorial System (EES).

  • EVISE® is continually being developed together with the researcher community (including EES users and existing EVISE® users) as well as user-centered design experts. The insights we gain on user needs, pain-points, expectations and behavior, allow us to optimize its usability.

Content Enrichments

Discover a range of free tools to present your research in a more powerful, dynamic and engaging way.

There are over 40 content enrichments available, tailored to the needs of individual domains. These include graphical abstracts, AudioSlides, interactive plots, interactive (Google) maps, 3D viewers, database links, and much more functionality to bring the authors' work across and deliver a rich, engaging reading experience.

How Enrichments Enhance the Reading Experience

Social Media Channels

fbtwitter Elsevier's many social media channels keep you informed of what's happening in your field, and help you network with your peers. Follow or like our pages for the latest news, including calls for papers, new appointments and exciting research.

We invite you to follow or join Elsevier's social media channels to share your ideas, ask questions, and connect with your peers and colleagues.

Your Paper Your Way enables authors to submit manuscripts in any format.

Mendeley Stats

Allows authors to quickly and easily understand how their publications are being read, shared, and cited. This powerful tool allows you to see how your work is being used by the scientific community, using data from a number of sources including, Scopus, ScienceDirect, Mendeley and NewsFlo.

Journal and Article Metrics

There are many different metrics used to measure the influence of journals. Understanding their definitions, uses and limitations will help you make decisions about your journal.
For a full list of metrics and what they mean, visit the metrics page.


Elsevier is partnering with, which captures online mentions in social media and other web-based data such as bookmarks, tweets, Facebook posts, news, and scientific blogs. has been integrated into Scopus as a quick and easy way to see the social or mainstream media mentions of a particular paper. Various journals also feature the application on ScienceDirect, and many also display the top 10 most popular articles according to on their journal homepage.

Publishing Campus

The Elsevier Publishing Campus is a free and open online training platform for all researchers or training partners in academia. It offers online lectures, interactive training courses and professional advice from experts within the industry through to a broad range of useful resources and networks. All intended as support in your research career.

  • Interactive training modules, live lectures, expert advice
  • Resources to support you in publishing your world-class book or journal article.
  • Researchers' efforts are recognized with certificates
    Elsevier Publishing Campus

Author WebShop

Elsevier's WebShop offers a range of products and services at all stages of the publishing process to support and professionalize scientific research and its presentation.

WebShop provides anything from language editing services for your manuscripts up to reprinting services including personal copies of Elsevier published articles and journal issues. To learn more about all our offerings take a tour through the site and we hope to find your interest.