Marketing & Sales

Elsevier offers societies marketing services which help raise their profile in the professional community, retain current members, and attract new members. Marketing services/offerings include:

  • Promoting your journal as a premier benefit to members highlighting online accessibility
  • Increasing readership of your journal outside of core member base with access to select content
  • Running an integrated PR strategy and media outreach program, working with your society to raise greater visibility for key content, breakthrough research/treatments
  • Encouraging society members to submit articles to your journal, therefore increasing loyalty to your society and the journal
  • Acknowledging top authors and top reviewers via numerous channels in an effort to reward them for their contribution to your journal and foster continued submission of quality research and reviewer service
  • Attracting high quality content by increasing awareness of the latest research from your journal to the author community, encouraging submissions and reinforcing growth and quality
  • Providing awareness at key conferences through new and innovative promotions that attract attendees
  • Utilizing social media as an effective tool for promoting your journal content and engaging your community. Market research predicts by 2014, 165 million people will be using social networks, and approximately 57% of 55-64 year olds will be on social networks. Implementing a program can give academic research a voice/identity in new communities, create community response channels, increase traffic to your content, create interactions with early career authors, and help you gather opinions on new ideas and products.
  • Promoting your journal content, features and society brand to non-member target audiences, with the goal of increasing non-member subscribers

Your society will also benefit from Elsevier's unparalleled global market reach, including an institutional sales team with market penetration in all leading libraries worldwide that can help to build institutional subscriptions in every corner of the globe.

Comprehensive and personalized marketing plans and initiatives, aligned with editorial objectives, will be implemented by a dedicated Elsevier marketing team. This team which utilizes the power of online marketing, Elsevier’s depth of knowledge in your discipline, established relationships, and international market reach to achieve your goals.

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