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American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD)

The American Association of Medical Dosimetrists is an international society established to promote and support the Medical Dosimetry profession.

We provide opportunities for education, a forum for professional interaction and a representative voice in the healthcare community.

The Society seeks to promote an ideal of professional conduct to which its members should aspire and endorses the highest standards of patient care.

Journal: Medical Dosimetry

American Brachytherapy Society (ABS)

Founded in 1978, the American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide insight and research into the use of brachytherapy in malignant and benign conditions. The organization consists of approximately 1,500 physicists, physicians, and other health care providers interested in brachytherapy.

The mission of the ABS is to benefit patients by providing information directly to the consumer, by promoting the highest possible standards of practice of brachytherapy, and to benefit health care professionals by encouraging improved and continuing education for radiation oncologists and other health care professionals involved in the treatment of cancer. Additionally, the ABS seeks to promote clinical and laboratory research into the frontiers of knowledge of the specialty and to study the socioeconomic aspects of the practice of brachytherapy.

Journal: Brachytherapy

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)

ASTRO is the premier radiation oncology society in the world, with more than 10,000 members who are physicians, nurses, biologist, physicists, radiation therapists, dosimetrists and other health care professionals who specialize in treating patients with radiation therapies. These medical professionals, found at hospitals, cancer treatment centers and academic research facilities around the globe, make up the radiation therapy treatment teams that are critical in the fight against cancer. Together, these teams, treat more than 1 million cancer patients each year. As the leading organization in radiation oncology, the Society is dedicated to improving patient care through professional education and training, support for clinical practice and health policy standards, advancement of science and research and advocacy.

Journals: Advances in Radiation Oncology, International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, and Practical Radiation Oncology

Australasian Society for Breast Disease


  • To bring together individuals wherever in Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific rim countries, having the purpose of promoting better knowledge in biology, medicine and human sciences related to the breast in order to establish an Australasian society, with the intention of advancing multidisciplinary understanding and cooperation in the areas of prevention, detection, diagnosis and management of breast disease.
  • To promote and encourage scientific research and publications related to the purposes of the Society.
  • To instill an increased consciousness within the medical and lay communities with regard to breast disease, by using available means of education, information and publicity.
  • To cooperate with relevant international associations, societies, other groups and individuals to promote the purposes of the Society.

Journal: The Breast

BASO ~ the Association for Cancer Surgery

BASO ~ The Association for Cancer Surgery is the Association that speaks as an umbrella organisation for surgical specialties treating people with malignant diseases. BASO was founded in 1971 by Ronald Raven, Surgical Oncologist, as a forum for surgical research and training for the benefit of patients with cancer. The Association represents surgeons and their centres across the United Kingdom & Ireland and has influence beyond.

Journal: EJSO – European Journal of Surgical Oncology

Breast Centres Network

Breast Centres Network's mission is to promote synergism among Breast Units by interconnecting specialists and personnel working in the field, and to help breast cancer patients find the right place for care or for a second opinion.

Journal: The Breast

Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology (CARO)

The Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology (CARO) is a national professional association representing the official voice of radiation oncology in Canada in relation to the public interest and professional interest in the provision of radiation oncology consultative and treatment services.  The association's regionally representative board structure and national membership facilitate the execution of its mission.

Journal: Radiotherapy and Oncology

European Association for Cancer Reseach (EACR)

The EACR is Europe’s professional membership association for those working and studying in cancer research, with over 10,000 members worldwide. Our mission is “The advancement of cancer research: from basic research to prevention, treatment and cure.

Journal: European Journal of Cancer

European CanCer Organisation (ECCO)

ECCO is a not-for-profit federation that exists to uphold the right of all European cancer patients to the best possible treatment and care, promoting interaction between all organisations involved in cancer at European level.

Journal: European Journal of Cancer

European Oncology Nursing Society

The European Oncology Nursing Society is a pan-European organisation dedicated to the support and development of cancer nurses.

Through our individual members and national societies we engage in projects to help nurses develop their skills, network with each other and raise the profile of cancer nursing across Europe.

Journal: European Journal of Oncology Nursing

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

The aims of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) are to develop, conduct, coordinate, and stimulate translational and clinical research in Europe to improve the management of cancer and related problems by increasing survival but also patient quality of life. Extensive and comprehensive research in this wide field is often beyond the means of individual European hospitals and can be best accomplished through the multidisciplinary multinational efforts of basic scientists and clinicians.

Journal: European Journal of Cancer

European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO)

Founded in 1980, ESTRO, the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy & Oncology, is a non-profit and scientific organisation that fosters the role of Radiation Oncology in order to improve patients’ care in the multimodality treatment of cancer.

With over 6500 members in and outside Europe, ESTRO supports all the Radiation Oncology professionals in their daily practice: Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists, Radiobiologists and RTTs (Radiation TherapisTs) and the wider oncology community.

ESTRO’s mission is to promote innovation, research, and dissemination of science through its congresses, special meetings, educational courses and publications.

Journal: Radiotherapy and Oncology

European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA)

EUSOMA mission is to define gold standards in the management of breast diseases, favouring a rapid transfer of knowledge from research centres to clinical practice.

The Breast
European Journal of Cancer

European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)

The European Society of Surgical Oncology, ESSO, was established in 1981 to support its members in advancing the science and practice of surgical oncology for the benefit of cancer patients through a range of activities.

Journal: EJSO – European Journal of Surgical Oncology

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)

The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) is the only global organization dedicated to the study of lung cancer. Founded in 1974, the association's membership includes more than 5,000 lung cancer specialists in over 100 countries. IASLC members work to enhance the understanding of lung cancer among scientists, members of the medical community and the public. IASLC publishes the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, a valuable resource for medical specialists and scientists who focus on the detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

Journal: Journal of Thoracic Oncology

International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG)

The goal of SIOG is to foster the development of health professionals in the field of geriatric oncology, in order to optimize treatment of older adults with cancer. 

Journal: Journal of Geriatric Oncology

Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO)

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) is the premier medical specialty society for health care professionals trained in the comprehensive management of gynecologic cancers. As a 501(c)(6) organization, the SGO contributes to the advancement of women’s cancer care by encouraging research, providing education, raising standards of practice, advocating for patients and members and collaborating with other domestic and international organizations.

Journal: Gynecologic Oncology