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Association for Project Management (APM)

Association for Project Management (APM)

The award-winning Association for Project Management is committed to developing and promoting project and programme management through its FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism. APM's mission statement is “To provide leadership to the movement of committed organisations and individuals who share our passion for improving project outcomes”.

Journals: International Journal of Project Management

ESCP-EAP European School of Management


Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity.

Journal: European Management Journal

European International Business Academy (EIBA)


The aim of EIBA is to serve as the core communication network for disseminating information and promoting international exchange in the field of International Business. EIBA is a professional association and network for academics, business people, and other individuals with an interest in the field of International Business.

Journal: International Business Review

International Leadership Association (ILA)


ILA's mission is to promote a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practice for the greater good aims to make a difference. With members in over 70 countries, ILA is the only global network that brings together leadership scholars and researchers, educators and students, coaches and consultants, public leaders and executives.

Journal: The Leadership Quarterly

International Project Management Association (IPMA)


IPMA is a Federation of over 60 Member Associations (MAs). Our MAs develop project management competencies in their geographic areas of influence, interacting with thousands of practitioners and developing relationships with corporations, government agencies, universities and colleges, as well as training organizations and consulting companies.

Journal: International Journal of Project Management

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Kelley School of Business

At the Kelley School of Business, we are in the business of creating career momentum. Our students have the talent to succeed, the humility to grow and the tenacity to persevere. That spirit—combined with an education that only the elite Kelley School can deliver—results in graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to meet new challenges, to make positive change possible and to contribute to their organizations from day one.

Journal: Business Horizons

Nordic Academy of Management (NFF)


The purpose of the Nordic Academy of Management (Nordiska Företagsekonomiska Föreningen / NFF) is to advance research, education and practice in the field of business administration in the Nordic countries i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Journal: Scandinavian Journal of Management

Strategic Planning Society (SPS)

SPS was formed in 1967 as an international network of strategists, dedicated to the development of strategic thinking, strategic management and strategic leadership. Our Mission is to improve the practice, development and recognition of strategic management

Journal: Long Range Planning

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

The University's reputation and standing as one of the world's leading universities is built upon the work of those men and women who have studied, taught and undertaken pioneering research here. It is also built on the network of alumni, friends and partners who support the University's activities in all sorts of crucial ways.

Journal: European Management Journal