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Electric vehicles offer hope for cutting Green House Gas emissions

By Patrick Jochem
Editorial Board Member of Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

Patrick Jochem Transport contributes least to Green House Gas (GHG) mitigation and the projections for this sector are worrying. A drastic electrification of transport is expected to reverse this trend. This has been the conclusion of a recent Special Issue of Transport Research Part D: Transport and Environment (Jochem et al.)

This research field has gained significant momentum in recent years. Early work in the nineties established two main research streams.

Kurani et al. spurred a tremendous body of research on user acceptance of electric vehicles and Kempton et al. focused on the impact from electric vehicles on the energy system.

The (missing) user acceptance, which sealed the deathblow of the first promising career of electric vehicles at the beginning of motorization, is currently focused in a comprehensive research stream with hundreds of publications (e.g. Axsen et al.) Most of this work conveys a very optimistic future for electric vehicles. But main barriers remain, as highlighted by Wan et al. in China, the largest car market today.

The second main stream researches energy systems and emissions, applying dozens of models in order to identify future challenges, not only in distribution grids but also on the macro-level, with a main focus on GHG emissions. Yeh et al. provide a brilliant overview and Van Mierlo et al. undertake an outstanding Life Cycle Assessment.

The current challenge of measuring the emissions of internal combustion engine vehicles and finding the “right” official driving cycle is discussed in Berzi et al. This, together with the contribution by Nakamichi et al. on the environmental impact from supply chains in the automobile industry, should be obligatory reading for politics and industry active in this field.

Electrification has started in other transportation modes, too. Besides the railways, E-Bikes are already highly developed and represent a significant success story for China, as shown by Ling et al. For road freight, Carrara et al. show promising tendencies, even though they do not take the role of over-head wires into account. Aviation is going to be the next playing field.

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Climate change and transport

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Environmental rating of vehicles with different alternative fuels and drive trains: a comparison of two approaches

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Development of driving cycles for electric vehicles in the context of the city of Florence

Lorenzo Berzi, Massimo Delogu, Marco Pierini
Volume 47, August 2016, Pages 299–322

Estimation of cost and CO2 emissions with a sustainable cross-border supply chain in the automobile industry: A case study of Thailand and neighboring countries

Kumiko Nakamichi, Shinya Hanaoka, Yuhki Kawahara
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From e-bike to car: A study on factors influencing motorization of e-bike users across China

Ziwen Ling, Christopher R. Cherry, Hongtai Yang, Luke R. Jones
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Freight futures: The potential impact of road freight on climate policy

Samuel Carrara, Thomas Longden
Available online 17 November 2016

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