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Discover the wealth of Connected and Automated Vehicle research published in Transportation Research Part C all in one place. With an exclusive introduction by the Associate Editor, Sue Ahn, these papers are a must read for anyone interested in AV and CAV research. What are you waiting for? Start reading and discover Transportation Research Part C today.

Research News

Are consumers willing to pay a premium for self-driving cars?

New study reveals the market is split when it comes to autonomous technologies

Dr. Ricardo Daziano tells us about his latest research findings: not only are autonomous features highly desirable, but consumers are willing to pay a premium for them – almost $5,000 on top of a car with standard features. Find out more.

Slow responses and safety in semi-automated vehicles

Responding to behavior changes in the transport of the future

What happens if something goes wrong in a driverless future? Dr. David Neyens discusses his latest study, using a driving simulator to explore what drivers of automated vehicles will do in an emergency. Read about his findings today.

On the Road Again: Self-driving cars promise a more equitable transportation system

Article on automated vehicles in Transportation Research Part C wins Elsevier Atlas Award. Find out more.

Driving to driverless: what will the future look like?

We know that autonomous vehicles are coming, but how will they be received? Gonçalo Correia sets the scene, discussing research that investigates the impact of autonomous vehicles on our lives, including how cities will be designed in the future, in this fascinating article selection on Elsevier Connect.