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Transport collection

The human side of autonomous driving

Self-driving cars are no longer in the realm of science fiction. While we might not all be cruising the streets reading magazines behind the wheel just yet, the average car has moved through a few levels of automation already, and technology and policy are continuing to evolve.

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies Editor’s Choice

The Editor-in-Chief of Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (TRC) has selected five articles which display the strength and depth of contributions to the journal.

What does the future have in store for automated vehicles?

Automated vehicle research is an extremely hot topic within the field of transportation. We've compiled a list of relevant recent articles from our extensive range of journals. These explore a variety of social science aspects of the field, and provide key findings on topics ranging from automated driving comfort to expectations towards self-driving cars.

New Study Describes the Most Beneficial Transport Policy Measures for Health

A recent paper published in Journal of Transport & Health assigns potential health impacts to 64 urban transport policy measures. Find out more!

Feeling sleepy behind the wheel? A blast of cold air will help

Research shows six minutes of cooling makes tired drivers more alert
By Elisabeth Schmidt

Morning sickness? Why not try your bike!

Research reveals obstacles to cycling to work during pregnancy. Read what researcher Davara Bennett has to say about her paper, published in Journal of Transport & Health.

Transport Policy author wins ITF Award!

We are delighted to report that Dr Florent Laroche of Lyon University has received the ITF Young Researcher of the Year Award for his article published in Transport Policy, “Imperfect competition in a network industry: The case of the European rail freight market”.

Celebrate East Asia’s Contribution to Transportation Research

East Asia’s commitment to investing in its transportation networks is reflected in the quality of the papers Elsevier publishes by authors from this region. Click here to view a snap shot of some the impactful transportation research conducted by researchers in East Asia who have published in our journals. These articles are free to access online until 31 December 2016. Becky P.Y. Loo, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Travel Behaviour and Society sets the scene.

Latest Portfolio News

Find out the latest research, metrics, and more from Elsevier’s Transportation journals.

Submit your transport policy case studies!

The Editors of Case Studies on Transport Policy welcomes transport policy case studies from every continent. Read their letter of invitation today.

Announcing Elsevier’s New Transportation Book Program

Thinking about writing a Transportation book? Find out about Elsevier’s new transportation book program.

For more information, contact Brian Romer, Senior Acquisitions Editor for Transportation.

Road safety research virtual special issue

Read quality road safety research in this virtual special issue, introduced by the editor of Accident Analysis & Prevention.

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Calling established & mid-career researchers!

4 Reasons you should edit a volume of Research in Transportation Business & Management:

Established  scholars: This is a chance for you to define your legacy! Produce a volume that contains a holistic state of the art in your field. Write an editorial that shapes the future research agenda.

Mid-career  researchers: Make a solid contribution that helps you attain that Professor or Reader promotion.

Mid-career  researchers: Grow your network in your field internationally.

Mid-career  researchers: Be seen as an international leader in your research field. (Make your mark!)

Research  in Transportation Business & Management publishes research on international aspects of transport management such as business strategy, communication, sustainability, finance, human resource management, law, logistics, marketing, franchising, privatisation and commercialisation.

Read the journal’s guidelines  for volume proposals and submit today!

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