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Altmetrics are an increasingly important way of judging the influence of an article. They measure the amount of online discussion, including the number of news items, blog stories and social media postings, that refer directly to the article.

The following articles have the highest Altmetric scores from for Elsevier’s Psychology journals between April 1 and September 5, 2016*.

Trolls just want to have fun
Personality & Individual Differences
Altmetric score: 1343

Enclothed cognition
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Altmetric score: 1093

Factors influencing the perceived credibility of diet-nutrition information web sites
Computers in Human Behavior
Altmetric score: 805

Intelligence and emotional disorders: Is the worrying and ruminating mind a more intelligent mind?
Personality & Individual Differences
Altmetric score: 714

The Economic Burden of Child Maltreatment in the United States And Implications for Prevention
Child Abuse & Neglect
Altmetric score: 578

Evaluating Five Factor Theory and social investment perspectives on personality trait development
Journal of Research in Personality
Altmetric score: 341

Staying friends with an ex: Sex and dark personality traits predict motivations for post-relationship friendship
Personality & Individual Differences
Altmetric score: 324

Sex differences in intelligence: A multi-measure approach using nationally representative samples from Romania
Altmetric score: 237

A pessimistic view of optimistic belief updating
Cognitive Psychology
Altmetric score: 153

Resting-state qEEG predicts rate of second language learning in adults
Brain & Language
Altmetric score: 106

*Papers were chosen by recent Altmetric activity. The numbers above represent lifetime Altmetric scores (since article publication).

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