Awards play a central role in the research community by recognizing researchers for the valuable contributions they make to the world of discovery. In September 2013, we launched a new portal to showcase research awards supported by Elsevier, along with information about how to apply or nominate recipients. Many of these awards are made possible by societies and other partnering organizations. Elsevier has rewarded hundreds of outstanding academics across the world, and today presents about 300 awards a year with grants ranging from $100 to $25,000.

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The Dr. Sybil Eysenck 2014 Award - Receive the prize of $5,000 USD 

We are pleased to announce "The Dr. Sybil Eysenck Award" to support outstanding young researchers. This is an annual award, established in 2014. The award is also supported by ISSID, the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences. 

Early career researchers (PhD + maximal 5 years) are invited to submit their best work for publication in an annual special issue of PAID. Articles fitting the scope of PAID will be considered for publication and will undergo the same peer review as regular articles submitted to the journal.  From all articles accepted for publication in this issue, a designated Award Committee will select the best article. The corresponding author of the selected article will receive the prize of $5,000 USD. The ISSID are pleased to offer free two year membership to ISSID to the lead author of every paper accepted for publication in this special issue.

Submission will remain open until 30 April 2014
Please choose the article type "Young Researcher Award" upon submission to ensure that your paper will correctly be assigned to this special issue.

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