Most Downloaded 2016 Articles from Elsevier’s Marketing Journals

To mark the 46th EMAC conference in Groningen, Netherlands, we are delighted to give a month’s free access (from 23 May – 23 June 2017)  to a selection of the most downloaded 2016 papers from our marketing journals. We hope that you enjoy the complimentary access and, if you are attending EMAC, we hope you have a great meeting.

If x then why? Comparative analysis using critical incidents technique
Karl Joachim Breunig and Line Christoffersen, Journal of Business Research

Examining the impact of job embeddedness on salesperson deviance: The moderating role of job satisfaction
Mahmoud A. Darrat, Douglas A. Amyx and Rebecca J. Bennett, Industrial Marketing Management

Pro-environmental purchase behaviour: The role of consumers' biospheric values
The Ninh Nguyen, Antonio Lobo and Steven Greenland, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

Like the ad or the brand? Marketing stimulates different electronic word-of-mouth content to drive online and offline performance
Koen Pauwels, Zeynep Aksehirli and Andrew Lackman, International Journal of Research in Marketing

Advertising Effects Under Consumer Heterogeneity – The Moderating Role of Brand Experience, Advertising Recall and Attitude
German Zenett and Daniel Klapper, Journal of Retailing

The Power of Codesign to Bond Customers to Products and Companies: The Role of Toolkit Support and Creativity
Karin Teichmann, Ursula Scholl-Grissemann and Nicola E. Stokburger-Sauer, Journal of Interactive Marketing

Helping others or oneself: How direction of comparison affects prosocial behavior
Ann E. Schlosser and Eric Levy, Journal of Consumer Psychology

Online marketing communications and childhood's intention to consume unhealthy food
Paramaporn Thaichon and Thu Nguyen Quach, Australasian Marketing Journal