Celebrating Asia-Pacific contributions to Elsevier Marketing Journals

Many of the top marketing researchers from Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world are currently gathering in Hong Kong for the World Marketing conference. Elsevier is proud to publish a strong portfolio of marketing-related journals. We receive and accept submissions from all over the world, including many from the Asia-Pacific region.

98% of surveyed authors who published in Elsevier’s Marketing portfolio in 2015 said they were very satisfied with the journal and 96% said they planned to submit to the journal again*.

We proudly present you with some of the impactful research conducted by Asian-Pacific researchers published in our journals. Please enjoy complimentary access to these articles. We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

The effects of portal website attitude and e-services on branding of e-stores
Chen, H.-L., Mathews, S.

The effect of culture and salespersons' retail service quality on impulse buying
Pornpitakpan, C., Han, J.H.

Effects of inter-organizational compatibility on supply chain capabilities: Exploring the mediating role of inter-organizational information systems (IOIS) integration
Rajaguru, R., Matanda, M.J.

Walking the tight rope of coopetition: Impact of competition and cooperation intensities and balance on firm innovation performance
Park, B.J., Srivastava, M.K., Gnyawali, D.R.

Marketing capabilities, institutional development, and the performance of emerging market firms: A multinational study
Wu, J.

User-generated versus designer-generated products: A performance assessment at Muji
Nishikawa, H., Schreier, M., Ogawa, S.

Dynamic capabilities, environmental dynamism, and competitive advantage: Evidence from China
Li, D.-Y., Liu, J.

Customer value co-creation behavior: Scale development and validation
Yi, Y., Gong, T.

Recycling gone bad: When the option to recycle increases resource consumption
Catlin, J.R., Wang, Y.

Better moods for better eating?: How mood influences food choice
Gardner, M.P., Wansink, B., Kim, J., Park, S.-B.

Social media metrics - A framework and guidelines for managing social media
Peters, K., Chen, Y., Kaplan, A.M., Ognibeni, B., Pauwels, K.

Attitude Toward the Viral Ad: Expanding Traditional Advertising Models to Interactive Advertising
Huang, J., Su, S., Zhou, L., Liu, X.

Group buying: A strategic form of consumer collective
Wang, J.J., Zhao, X., Li, J.J.

M(Art)worlds: Consumer perceptions of how luxury brand stores become art institutions
Joy, A., Wang, J.J., Chan, T.-S., Sherry Jr., J.F., Cui, G.

An empirical analysis of online shopping adoption in Beijing, China
Clemes, M.D., Gan, C., Zhang, J.

Segmentation of Malaysian shoppers by store choice behaviour in their purchase of fresh meat and fresh produce
Chamhuri, N., Batt, P.J.