Discover Elsevier’s range of free tools to support and enhance linguistics articles

Discover our range of free tools below to present research in more powerful, dynamic and engaging ways.

Dedicated submission system

Elsevier’s Evise is a dedicated system to simplify the submission process for authors in four steps: enter manuscript information; upload files; provide additional information; and review & submit.


ScienceDirect hosts full-text articles with smart, intuitive functionality so that users can stay informed in their fields and can work more effectively and efficiently. Some examples are included below.


Multimedia features can help readers understand research better; here are a few examples of how it could be used to enhance articles:


AudioSlides are short, webcast-style presentations that are shown next to online articles on ScienceDirect. This format gives authors the opportunity to present their research in their own words, helping readers understand quickly what a paper is about and determine its relevance.

Free data hosting

Elsevier enables authors to make their data available with free options to: