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Reflect on top cited papers from Information Processing & Management to celebrate the 80th ASIS&T and 40th SIGIR meetings in 2017. “No wonder these articles are highly cited – they appeal to, and have, an impact across many domains!” - Jim Jansen, Editor-in-chief.

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Defeating 3-D Printing Patent Trolls

New study from World Patent Information offers an open-source algorithm

3-D printing is a disruptive technology set to unshackle innovation while slashing consumer prices. That is- if patent trolls are kept at bay. A patent troll is a company that attempts to enforce patent rights far beyond their patent's actual value or contribution to the prior art.

This new study provides an open-source algorithm to enable innovation for 3-D printing materials as it prevents patent trolls from restricting the use of any 3-D printing materials in the future:

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