Open Access articles published in Elsevier linguistics journals in 2015

The following open access articles were published in Elsevier linguistics journals in 2015. They are free to access and download forever.

Thematic progression in the writing of students and professionals
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Thomas Hawes

The formulaic schema in the minds of two generations of native speakers
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Diana Van Lancker Sidtis, Krista Cameron, Kelly Bridges, John J. Sidtis

A corpus-based lexical analysis of subject-specific university textbooks for English majors
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Konul Hajiyeva

Processes and variations in language economisation
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Jonathan R. White

The semantics of slurs: A refutation of coreferentialism
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Adam M. Croom

Children's responses in argumentative discussions relating to parental rules and prescriptions
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Antonio Bova

Phonaesthemes and sound symbolism in Swedish brand names
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Åsa Abelin

Towards a typology of focus: Subject position and microvariation at the discourse–syntax interface
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Ángel L. Jiménez-Fernández

Rhetorical argument, folk linguistics, and content-oriented discourse analysis: A follow-up study
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Rebecca Day Babcock

A critical evaluation of two approaches to defining perceptual salience
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Bethany MacLeod

Move analysis of research articles across five engineering fields: What they share and what they do not
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Sayako Maswana, Toshiyuki Kanamaru, Akira Tajino

Resolving hiatus in (isi)Ndebele: An optimality theoretic account
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Collen Sabao

Reflections on the grammatical category of the than element in English comparative constructions: A corpus-based systemic functional approach
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Qingshun He, Binli Wen

Identifying absolute subjects: A systemic functional approach
Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
Qingshun He, Junhui Wu

Ampersand, Volume 2, 2015
H. Pichler, R. Truswell, K. Van de Poel, D. Van Olmen, K. Watson

An evaluation of the Writing Assessment Measure (WAM) for children's narrative writing
Assessing Writing, Volume 23, January 2015
Sandra Dunsmuir, Maria Kyriacou, Su Batuwitage, Emily Hinson, Victoria Ingram, Siobhan O'Sullivan

To Teach, Critique, and Compose: Representing Computers and Composition through the CIWIC/DMAC Institute
Computers and Composition, Volume 36, June 2015
Julia Voss

Learning technical words through L1 and L2: Completeness and accuracy of word meanings
English for Specific Purposes, Volume 39, July 2015
Dana Gablasova

Reliance on auditory feedback in children with childhood apraxia of speech
Journal of Communication Disorders, Volume 54, March–April 2015
Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel, Tiffany P. Hogan, Anthony J. Guarino, Jordan R. Green

Why does parental language input style predict child language development? A twin study of gene–environment correlation
Journal of Communication Disorders, Volume 57, September–October 2015
Philip S. Dale, Maria Grazia Tosto, Marianna E. Hayiou-Thomas, Robert Plomin

Metadiscourse in the introductions of PhD theses and research articles
Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Volume 20, December 2015
Tomoyuki Kawase

Contextual activation of Australia can affect New Zealanders' vowel productions
Journal of Phonetics, Volume 48, January 2015
Kauyumari Sanchez, Jennifer Hay, Elissa Nilson

Lexical competition in vowel articulation revisited: Vowel dispersion in the Easy/Hard database
Journal of Phonetics, Volume 49, March 2015
Susanne Gahl

Effects of the growth of breath capacities on mean length of utterances: How maturing production processes influence indices of language development
Journal of Phonetics, Volume 52, September 2015
Victor J. Boucher, Brigitte Lalonde

Creating the cognitive form of phonological units: The speech sound correspondence problem in infancy could be solved by mirrored vocal interactions rather than by imitation
Journal of Phonetics, Volume 53, November 2015
Piers Messum, Ian S. Howard

COSMO (“Communicating about Objects using Sensory–Motor Operations”): A Bayesian modeling framework for studying speech communication and the emergence of phonological systems
Journal of Phonetics, Volume 53, November 2015
Clément Moulin-Frier, Julien Diard, Jean-Luc Schwartz, Pierre Bessière

Pointing and reference reconsidered
Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 77, February 2015
Andy Lücking, Thies Pfeiffer, Hannes Rieser

Diachronic Corpus Pragmatics: Irma Taavitsainen, Andreas H. Jucker and Jukka Tuominen (Eds.), John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 2014, 335 pp., ISBN: 9789027256485 (hardbound), EUR 95.00
Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 84, July 2015
Joanna Kopaczyk

Interpersonal relationships in medical consultations. Comparing Sweden Swedish and Finland Swedish address practices
Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 84, July 2015
Catrin Norrby, Camilla Wide, Jan Lindström, Jenny Nilsson

Critical thinking, questioning and student engagement in Korean university English courses
Linguistics and Education, Volume 32, Part B, December 2015
Scott A. DeWaelsche

Using Gabmap
Lingua, Available online 12 March 2015
Therese Leinonen, Çağrı Çöltekin, John Nerbonne

Theme vowels in North Sámi: Spanning and maximal expression
Lingua, Volume 164, Part A, September 2015
Marit Julien

LF-copying without LF
Lingua, Volume 166, Part B, October 2015
Gregory M. Kobele

MIcrocomparative MOrphosyntactic REsearch (MIMORE): Mapping partial grammars of Flemish, Brabantish and Dutch
Lingua, Available online 15 December 2015
Sjef Barbiers, Marjo van Koppen, Hans Bennis, Norbert Corver