Sustainability articles in Health Studies

We hope you will enjoy reading a selection of articles from our Health Studies portfolio which are related to Sustainability.

The Neighbourhood Effects on Health and Well-being (NEHW) study
Patricia O׳Campo., Blair Wheaton., Rosane Nisenbaum., Richard H.Glazier., James R.Dunn., Catharine Chambers
Health & Place

Therapeutic landscapes and wellbeing in later life: Impacts of blue and green spaces for older adults
Jessica Finlay., Thea Franke., Heather McKay., Joanie Sims-Gould
Health & Place

The toilet tripod: Understanding successful sanitation in rural India
Kathleen O’Reilly, Elizabeth Louis
Health & Place

Social capital, collective action and access to water in rural Kenya
Elijah Bisung., Susan J. Elliott., Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace., Diana M. Karanja., Abudho Bernard
Social Science and Medicine

Understanding ‘energy insecurity’ and why it matters to health
Diana Hernández
Social Science and Medicine

"Small" things matter: Residents' involvement in practice improvements in long-term care facilities
Femke Boelsma., Vivianne E.Baur., Susan Woelders., Tineke A. Abma
Journal of Aging Studies

Climate change influences on environment as a determinant of Indigenous health: Relationships to place, sea ice, and health in an Inuit community
Agata Durkalec., Chris Furgal., Mark W. Skinner., Tom Sheldon
Social Science & Medicine

Intra-urban vulnerability to heat-related mortality in New York City, 1997-2006
Joyce Klein Rosenthal., Patrick L. Kinney., Kristina B. Metzger
Health & Place