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Monitoring and evaluation of climate resilience for agricultural  development – A review of currently available tools
Douxchamps, S.; Debevec, L.; Giordano, M.; Barron, J.

Determinants of loan repayment performance among borrowers of  microfinance institutions: Evidence from India
Mirpourian, S.; Caragliu, A.; Di Maio, G.; Landoni, P.; Rusinà, E.

A National Adaptation Programme of Action: Ethiopia’s responses to  climate change
Golrokhian, A.; Browne, K.; Hardin, R.; Agrawal, A.; Askew, K.; Beny, L.;  Larroquette, B.; Morse, B.

Overcoming barriers to low carbon agriculture and forest restoration in  Brazil: The Rural Sustentável project
Newton, P.; Gomez, A.; Jung, S.; Kelly, T.; Mendes, T.; Rasmussen, L.; Reis,  J.; Rodrigues, R.; Tipper, R.; van der Horst, D.; Watkins, C.

Physical & social infrastructure in India &  its relationship with economic development
Kumari, A.; Sharma