Editors’ choice articles

A selection of the best articles from some of our key Decision Sciences journals, chosen by each of the Editors-in-Chief.

Economics & Forecasting

  • Electricity price forecasting: A review of the state-of-the-art with a look into the future
    International Journal of Forecasting
    Rafał Weron
    Why read this paper? "The literature on electricity price forecasting has been growing rapidly, and this paper provides a comprehensive and systematic review of the state-of-the-art. It will be a classic reference for a long time to come."
  • The Delphi method in forecasting financial markets— An experimental study
    International Journal of Forecasting
    Karlo Kauko, Peter Palmroos
    Why read this paper?"The Delphi method has been used in many contexts, but rarely for forecasting financial markets. This paper presents a controlled experiment, exploring belief perseverance and over-confidence of financial forecasters."

Industrial Engineering & Operations Management

  • Point–counterpoint: Resource heterogeneity, performance, and competitive advantage
    Journal of Operations Management
    Mikko Ketokivi
    Editors' Introduction
  • Resource based theory in operations management research
    Journal of Operations Management
    Michael A. Hitt, Kai Xu, Christina Matz Carnes
    Forum Article
  • Operations management and the resource based view: Another viewJournal of Operations Management
    Philip Bromiley, Devaki Rau
    Rebuttal to the Article
  • A current view of resource based theory in operations management: A response to Bromiley and Rau
    Journal of Operations Management

    Michael A. Hitt, Kai Xu, Christina Matz Carnes

Operations Research & Management Science

  • Tactical network planning for food aid distribution in Kenya
    Computers & Operations Research
    Marie-Ève Rancourt, Jean-François Cordeau, Gilbert Laporte, Ben Watkins
    Why read this paper? "From theory to practice — Computers & OR is a good forum to show how "OR" together with "Computers" can give relevant contributions to a better world. This paper is a fine example."
  • The air-cargo consolidation problem with pivot weight: Models and solution methods
    Computers & Operations Research
    James H. Bookbinder, Samir Elhedhli, Zichao Li
    Why read this paper? "Air-cargo: an area in which OR has a great role to play; this is a paper with very interesting theoretical developments for a problem fairly easy to describe but tough to solve."
  • Tabu search algorithm for DNA sequencing by hybridization with multiplicity information available
    Computers & Operations Research
    Kamil Kwarciak, Piotr Formanowicz
    Why read this paper? "A well-known metaheuristic used as a tool in computational Biology."
  • Spitzer identity, Wiener-Hopf factorization and pricing of discretely monitored exotic options
    European Journal of Operational Research
    G. Fusai, G. Germano, D. Marazzina
    From the section Stochastics and Statistics. Chosen by Emanuele Borgonovo.
  • An optimization approach for district heating strategic network design
    European Journal of Operational Research
    Chiara Bordina, Angelo Gordinib, Daniele Vigo
    From the section Innovative Applications of O.R. Chosen by Roman Slowinski
  • From stakeholders analysis to cognitive mapping and Multi-Attribute Value Theory: An integrated approach for policy support
    European Journal of Operational Research
    Valentina Ferretti
    From the section Innovative Applications of O.R. Chosen by Robert Dyson
  • Scheduling elective surgeries in a Portuguese hospital using a genetic heuristic
    Operations Research for Health Care
    Marques, I., Captivo, M.E., Vaz Pato, M.
    Why read this paper? "This paper is a good example of relevant Operations Research problems in health care and their interplay with local settings."
  • Evaluating the impact of a simulation study in emergency stroke care
    Operations Research for Health Care
    Monks, T., Pearson, M., Pitt, M., Stein, K., James, M.A.
    Why read this paper? "Simulation is of great importance when applying Operations Research to Health Care. Here it is shown for one of the most crucial processes in hospitals."
  • A review of simheuristics: Extending metaheuristics to deal with stochastic combinatorial optimization problems
    Operations Research Perspectives
    Angel A. Juan, Javier Faulin, Scott E. Grasman, Markus Rabe, Gonçalo Figueira
  • A critical analysis of the harmony search algorithm—How not to solve sudoku
    Operations Research Perspectives
    Dennis Weyland