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Tourism ManagementTourism Management has been numbered in the following categories by Thomson Reuters' Social Science Index*:

#2 in the Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism
#11 in Environmental Studies
#23 in Management

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Tourism Management Perspectives
Discover Tourism Management Perspectives, sister journal to Tourism Management, for papers that introduce new research methods and critique existing frameworks within the context of tourism research.

Annals of Tourism Research Been to any festivals this summer?

Find out how these impact local residents' well-being in this new paper from Annals of Tourism Research

Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Did you know?

Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism is now listed in several notable indexes, including PscyINFO and Thomson Reuters' Emerging Sources Citation Index.
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Journal of Destination Marketing & Management Best Paper Award 2015

Congratulations to the authors of Journal of Destination Marketing & Management's Best Paper Award 2015 and the Runner-Up!

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Social network participation and coverage by tourism industry sector

Best Paper
Paige Viren, Christine A. Vogt, Carol Kline, Annette M. Rummel, and Jerry Tsao

Priority maps at wine tourism destinations: An empirical approach in five Spanish wine regions

Mar Gómez, Belen González-Díaz, and Arturo Molina

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management Welcome to Editors

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management welcomes co-editor Professor Marianna Sigala and Associate Editor, Associate Professor Leonie Lockstone-Binney, to the editorial team.

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