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P. Guerriero,
E.M. Stella,
P. Tomasin

Journal of Cultural Heritage is a multidisciplinary journal publishing papers on the conservation and awareness of cultural heritage.

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Sofia Pescarin

Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (DAACH) publishes academic articles dealing with digital heritage (from 3D reconstruction to virtual museums, from GIS to landscape simulation, from Human Computer Interaction and Design to serious games) and, as part of the scientific publication, it incorporates digital assets that are discussed in the paper or that are the result of the presented work. In the case of 3D models, it is possible to incorporate interactive 3D (sent in one of the following 3D formats: OBJ, PLY and U3D) in the article. In the case of articles presenting complex applications (such as web3D, games, multimedia installations, interactive environments, etc.), DAACH aims to present them by incorporating a video.

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