Introducing the Transportation Database Center App on ScienceDirect

Want to know what…

… research has been done on a topic?
… related research projects are in progress?
… important research questions need to be answered?

The Transportation Database (DB) Center app within ScienceDirect can help you find the answers, using four key transportation databases:

  • RiP (Research in Progress)
  • RNS (Research Needs Statements)
  • TRIP (Transport Research & Innovation Portal)
  • USDOT Research Hub


Try it out for yourself in a ScienceDirect article.

Transportation is a rapidly evolving field in which new technologies, techniques and policies are constantly being introduced. As such, it’s helpful for researchers to be able to discover what other research has already been done on their topic, what related research projects are currently in progress, and what important research questions are yet to be answered.

The reader can copy terms from the article or type in keywords of interest into the Transportation DB Center app, and search any of the four databases. Once the user presses the “Search” button, he/she will be taken to a dedicated result page of the selected database. It is also possible to read a short description of each database by clicking the small, green “i” icons.

You can use the Transportation DB Center app on ScienceDirect for the following journals:

  • Accident Analysis and Prevention
  • Analytic Methods in Accident Research
  • Case Studies on Transport Policy
  • Economics of Transportation
  • Journal of Air Transport Management
  • Journal of Choice Modelling
  • Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management
  • Journal of Transport and Health
  • Journal of Transport Geography
  • Research in Transportation Business & Management
  • Research in Transportation Economics
  • Transport Policy
  • Transportation Geotechnics
  • Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
  • Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
  • Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies
  • Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment
  • Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review
  • Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour
  • Travel Behaviour & Society