Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies Editor’s Choice

The Editor-in-Chief of Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (TRC) has selected five articles which display the strength and depth of contributions to the journal.

Editor-in-Chief Yafeng Yin said:

"Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are expected to offer transformative improvements to existing mobility systems. Although recent developments suggest that the adoption of AV technology is fast-approaching, it will be many years before the adoption is widespread or manual driving can be criminalized as some have predicted.

In the foreseeable future, the traffic stream on road networks will still be heterogeneous, with both conventional vehicles and AVs. It is thus critical to investigate how to leverage AVs in the traffic stream to better manage and operate our road networks.

The following five articles are examples in this quest. The first three papers demonstrate the feasibility of using AVs as mobile actuators to regulate traffic flow or distribute travel demand across road networks. The other two papers highlight the importance of adapting infrastructure to aid AV operations and improve the overall system performance." 

Read the articles here:

Mitigating the impact of selfish routing: An optimal-ratio control scheme (ORCS) inspired by autonomous driving
Kenan Zhang, Yu (Marco) Nie,
Volume 87, February 2018, Pages 75-90.

Dissipation of stop-and-go waves via control of autonomous vehicles: Field experiments
Raphael E. Stern, Shumo Cui, Maria Laura Delle Monache, Rahul Bhadani,.. Daniel B. Work,
Volume 89, April 2018, Pages 205-221,

Experimental validation of connected automated vehicle design among human-driven vehicles
Jin I. Ge, Sergei S. Avedisov, Chaozhe R. He, Wubing B. Qin, Gábor Orosz,
Volume 91, June 2018, Pages 335-352

Optimal deployment of autonomous vehicle lanes with endogenous market penetration
Zhibin Chen, Fang He, Lihui Zhang, Yafeng Yin,
Volume 72, November 2016, Pages 143-156

Infrastructure assisted adaptive driving to stabilize heterogeneous vehicle strings
Meng Wang,
Volume 91, June 2018, Pages 276-295.