Personality traits influence likelihood of developing internet-communication disorder

personality and internet addiction

Some of the most frequently used online applications are Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. These applications allow individuals to communicate with other users, to share information or pictures, and to stay in contact with friends all over the world. However, a growing number of users suffer from negative consequences due to their excessive use of these applications, which can be referred to as Internet-communication disorder. The frequent use and easy access of these applications may also trigger the individual's fear of missing out on content when not accessing these applications. This article will explore the online-specific fear of missing out and Internet-use expectancies contribute to symptoms of Internet-communication disorder

Online-specific fear of missing out and internet-use expectancies contribute to symptoms of internet-communication disorder

By: Elisa Wegmann, Ursula Oberst, Benjamin Stodt, Matthias Brand, Addictive Behaviors Reports (2018)