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It’s been a decade since the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper that arguably changed the future of money. At the very least, it unleashed an explosion of technology applications with the potential to disrupt traditional currencies and monetary policies. Blockchain is showing no signs of slowing down and holds promise for solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems.

Transformative change also brings unanticipated challenges. Decentralized, peer-to-peer financial networks face risks such as fraud and suspicious trading, volatile price fluctuations, regulatory uncertainty, and instability. Are emerging cryptocurrencies predictable and secure? Do they have sufficient liquidity? Will they hold value over legacy systems? How vulnerable are they to manipulation and breaches? What are the optimal models? What lies ahead in terms of government intervention?

One thing is certain: leaders must stay on top of rapidly evolving fintech developments to have an impact on how this ecosystem takes shape. Elsevier is proud to be at the forefront of a new field of research that has emerged to address the myriad of financial, technical, regulatory, security and marketplace implications of the new cryptocurrencies. Here you will find the top papers exploring the key innovations, trends, data and events happening in this space.

Latest research

hedging your bets with bitcoin


Hedging your bets with Bitcoin

An investigation into Bitcoin's diversification, hedging and safe-haven properties

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bitcoin ban


Could bitcoin be banned?

Some governments have already tried – researchers consider their chances of success

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investing in bitcoin


How Investible is Bitcoin?

Researchers analyse the digital currency's transaction dynamics and trading patterns

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A new look at cryptocurrencies600.png


A new look at cryptocurrencies

Investors can explore emerging patters in cryptocurrency markets

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Co-explosivity in the cryptocurrency market600.png


Co-explosivity in the cryptocurrency market

Study price explosivity in leading cryptocurrencies

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Economic Modelling

Co-editors: S. Mallick, P. Narayan

CiteScore: 2.01
Impact Factor: 1.696*

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Economics Letters

Editors: Badi H. Baltagi, Joao F. Gomes, Joseph E. Harrington, Costas Meghir, Pierre-Daniel Sarte

CiteScore: 0.77
Impact Factor: 0.581*

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Journal of Financial Stability

Managing Editor: I. Hasan

CiteScore: 2.24
Impact Factor: 2.032*

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Finance Research Letters

Chief Editors: Jonathan A. Batten, Narjess Boubakri, Samuel Vigne

CiteScore: 1.10
Impact Factor: 1.085*

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Journal of Empirical Finance

Editors: R.I. Valkanov, K. Hou

CiteScore: 1.27
Impact Factor: 0.946*

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Journal of Economics and Business

Executive Editor: Kenneth J. Kopecky

CiteScore: 1.16

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Journal of Monetary Economics

Editors: Urban J. Jermann, Yuriy Gorodnichenko

CiteScore: 2.23
Impact Factor: 2.157*

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International Review of Financial Analysis

Editor: B.M. Lucey

CiteScore: 1.62
Impact Factor: 1.566*

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Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Co Editors-in-Chief: D. Houser, D. Puzzello

CiteScore: 1.69
Impact Factor: 1.296*

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Journal of Business Venturing

Editor-in-Chief: J. S. McMullen

CiteScore: 8.82
Impact Factor: 6.000*

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Information Economics and Policy

Co Editors-in-Chief: Marc Bourreau, Christiaan Hogendorn

CiteScore: 1.23
Impact Factor: 0.980*

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