Health and ageing economics

According to the UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform, “Sustainable Development Goal 3 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is devoted to ‘ensure healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all age.’ The Agenda recognizes that health and development are intimately interconnected, and call that action items must address the primary health needs of the world's population, since they are integral to the achievement of the goals of sustainable development and primary environmental care.”

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Kota Ogasawara, Yukitoshi Matsushita
Economics & Human Biology

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Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry: New estimates of R&D costs

Joseph A.DiMasi, Henry G. Grabowski, Ronald W. Hansen
Journal of Health Economics

The return to education in terms of wealth and health

Holger Strulik
The Journal of the Economics of Ageing

The Association between Socioeconomic Status and Adult Fast-Food Consumption in the U.S.

Jay L. Zagorsky, Patricia K. Smith
Economics & Human Biology

The dynamics of physical and mental health in the older population

Julius Ohrnberger, Eleonora Ficher, Matt Sutton
The Journal of the Economics of Ageing

Public health and multiple-phase mortality decline: Evidence from industrializing Japan

Kota Ogasawara, Yukitoshi Matsushita
Economics & Human Biology

Do medical marijuana laws reduce addictions and deaths related to pain killers?

David Powell, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Mireille Jacobson
Journal of Health Economics

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Economics & Human Biology

Editors: S.L. Averett, J. Baten, C. Courtemanche

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The Journal of Economics of Ageing

Editors: D.E. Bloom, A. Sousa-Poza, U. Sunde

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