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According to the UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform,  "sustainable development has been the overarching goal of the  international community since the UN Conference on Environment and  Development (UNCED) in 1992... Despite the efforts of many governments  around the world to implement such strategies as well as international  cooperation to support national governments, there are continuing  concerns over global economic and environmental developments in many  countries. These have been intensified by recent prolonged global  energy, food and financial crises, and underscored by continued warnings  from global scientists that society is transgressing a number of  planetary boundaries or ecological limits."

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Earth Day 2018 – Ending Plastic Pollution

In honour of this momentous day, we are pleased to highlight research regarding plastic and support the global effort to eliminate single use plastics along with uniform regulation of the disposal of plastics.

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Energy Economics

Editor-in-Chief: R.S.J. Tol
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Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Co-Editors-in-Chief: T. Requate, R.H. von Haefen
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Journal of Development Economics

Editor in Chief: A. Foster
Impact Factor: 1.889*
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Resource and Energy Economics

Editors: S. Ambec, G.L. Poe
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