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Stable and healthy financial institutions play a crucial role in fair and consistent allocation of resources in complex financial ecosystems. In recent years, following the 2008 global financial crisis, the ongoing questions concerning the current shape of European financial institutions, the concerns over the relations involving investors, banking mechanisms and international financial markets, the emergence of new alternative and unregulated financial institutions, and other important issues all call for more attention on financial stability and the latest research produced in this area of study.

This year, in the attempt to identify new gaps in research topics and needs, we have decided to pay the right attention to this important field of investigation and bring to interested readers and researchers the best research articles available on three of the top Elsevier journals focusing on financial stability issues: the Journal of Financial Stability, the Journal of Financial Markets, and the Journal of Banking and Finance.

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Journal of Financial Stability

Managing Editor: I. Hasan
Impact Factor: 1.946*
CiteScore: 2.27

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Journal of Financial Markets

Co-Editors: T. ChordiaG. SaarP. Pasquariello
Impact Factor:1.134 *
CiteScore: 2.44

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Journal of Banking & Finance

Editors: Carol AlexanderGeert Bekaert
Impact Factor: 1.776*
CiteScore: 2.49

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*2016 Journal Citation Reports® (Clarivate Analytics, 2017)