Technology and Innovation

The following journals all publish research at the intersection of technology and innovation, and the potential impact this has on future business or organisational development.  The articles included in the following collection examine this intersection from a multitude of angles: from incentivising innovation in individuals, to the impact of AI on businesses and to the role of the university in developing technology start-ups within their own labs.  Beyond the article collection here, you can explore the recent material published in the journals listed below to discover more content relevant to your own research.

These articles are freely available to download on ScienceDirect until 30th September 2018!

The role of pilot and demonstration plants in technology development and innovation policy

Hans Hellsmark, Johan Frishammar, Patrik Söderholm, Håkan Ylinenpää

Innovation culture and the performance of new product launches: A global study

Timothy L.Michaelis, Roberly Aladin, Jeffrey M.Pollack