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Actionable insights

Actionable insights

To build research portfolios, optimize funding flows, assemble collaborative partnerships, and manage and report on the full spectrum of research activities, research institutions, industry, funders and policy makers need actionable insights throughout the strategic research management workflow. Elsevier’s Research Intelligence portfolio provides reliable data and information, delivering those insights to improve decision-making and answer critical questions.

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Discover Analyze Network

Discover analyze & network

  • Manage research data and outputs, facilities and equipment
  • Ensure publication of all university work to showcase and disseminate
  • Commercialize research and promote your expertise to enhance visibility

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Manage and showcase

Manage & showcase

  • Conduct comprehensive research, experiment, analyze and synthesize results
  • Discover individuals and organizations to collaborate with
  • Identify sources for future funding

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Evaluate Plan Benchmark

Evaluate, plan & benchmark

  • Develop and refine research strategy
  • Identify, recruit and retain research staff
  • Improve your research impact and rankings

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Secure & administer funding

Secure & administer funding

  • Find your next source of institutional funding
  • Manage awards and ensure proper investment
  • Ensure grant review by top experts

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No matter your research focus, our solutions can help you add efficiency to your workflow

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Leading institutions around the world use Elsevier's Research Intelligence tools to answer the most pressing challenges that their researchers and research managers face.

[SciVal] helped [us] analyze research activities from different countries and environments to give us insights that led to better policies.

Mr. Angel Calderon, Principal Advisor, Planning & Research,
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Research Intelligence in action

A selection of infographics using our data, metrics and tools. Where will the data take you?

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