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All titles on Scopus are selected by the independent Content Selection & Advisory Board, which is strict about quality and publishing ethics.

Furthermore, we are transparent about our selection policy, criteria and title evaluation process.

Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB)

All journals covered by Scopus are approved by an independent Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB).

CSAB members are subject experts from all over the world and chosen for their expertise in specific subject areas.

Many have (journal) editor experience.

Strict Quality & Ethics Selection Criteria*

* 2016 as sample year

The Scopus title selection criteria ...

our set of clear and transparent guidelines, in combination with reviews by our independent CSAB

... ensure the quality of titles indexed meets consistently high standards.

Rigorous Re-evaluation Process

In the latest reevaluation exercise, 303 under-performing titles were re-evaluated by the Content Selection & Advisory Board.

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