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Dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics.

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LegoChem Biosciences is biopharmaceutical firm founded by people with expertise and enthusiasm for developing the next generation of novel therapeutics. Utilizing a proprietary medicinal drug discovery technology, the company is focused on the development of ADC, anti-biotics, anti-coagulants and anti-cancer therapeutics.

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Creating better therapeutics with proprietary platform technology

Since its founding in 2006, LegoChem Biosciences has focused on the research and development of ADC (Antibody-Drug Conjugate), anti-biotics, anti-coagulants and anti-cancer therapeutics based on its proprietary platform technology LegoChemistry™. By utilizing 20 unique scaffolds with drug-likeness, the company has expedited the drug discovery period and secured a strong pipeline over research areas with great unmet medical needs.

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Embracing open innovation

LegoChem Biosciences is successfully developing and commercializing its pipeline through optimized partnership agreements based on open innovation. This partnership strategy considers unmet medical needs for targeted therapy areas and characteristics of individual product candidates.

Meet the team

Yong-Zu Kim - portrait image | Elsevier

Yong-Zu Kim

Chief Executive Officer & President

Dr. Kim, who founded LegoChem in 2006, was previously employed as Director of New Drug Research & Development at LG Life Sciences Ltd., where he developed the first FDA-approved Korean drug Factive. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Seoul National University, and graduate and doctorate degrees from KAIST.

Yeong-Soo Oh - portrait image | Elsevier

Yeong-Soo Oh

Chief Technology Officer & Vice President

Dr. Yeong-Soo Oh is on the Board of Directors at Legochem. He was previously employed as VP & Head-New Drug Research Division at Bioneer Corp. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the Seoul National University, a doctorate from the University of Houston and postdoctoral training from the University of California.

Young-Lag Cho - portrait image | Elsevier

Young-Lag Cho

Chief Development Officer

Dr. Young-Lag Cho was previously employed as Research Fellow in LG Life Science Research Institute, and he also is one of the founding members of LegoChem Biosciences. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a doctorate in Organic Chemistry from Yonsei University, and did his postdoctoral training at the Scripps Research Institute.

Se-Jin Park - portrait image | Elsevier

Se-Jin Park

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President

Mr. Se-Jin Park is one of the founding members of LegoChem Biosciences and also on the Board of Directors. Mr. Park was previously employed as Team Leader-Visual Materials by LG Chem Ltd. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the Korea University.

Jeiwook Chae - portrait image | Elsevier

Jeiwook Chae

Chief Business Development Officer

Dr. Chae leads the company’s scientific endeavors through open innovation and has guided academic and industry collaborations, advancing clinical development of pipeline programs including antibiotics, anti-coagulants and Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) based cancer drugs.
The primary mission of Dr. Chae and his colleagues is to develop a clinically applicable ADC drug using a novel site-specific ADC technology developed by the company.

Chul Woong Chung - portrait image | Elsevier

Chul Woong Chung

Head of Biology Center

Dr. Chul Woong Chung was previously a principal scientist at LG Life Sciences Technology Intelligence and Partnership team. He received his undergraduate degree from the Kon-Kuk University, and his graduate and doctorate degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology from the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology.

Ho-Young Song - portrait image | Elsevier

Ho-Young Song

Head of ADC platform team

Dr. Ho-Young Song was previously employed as elite scientist at LG Life Sciences. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the Seoul National University, as well as graduate and doctorate degrees from the Seoul University. He received postdoctoral training from LG Life Sciences.

Juyuel Baek Project Leader

Juyuel Baek

Project Leader

Dr. Juyuel Baek is an organic chemist. Before joining LegoChem, he was a researcher at Vaxxilion GmbH, where he contributed synthetic carbohydrate vaccines and design for treating diseases. Dr. Juyuel Baek holds a M.S and Ph. D. in chemistry from Yonsei University and did his postdoctoral training at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces.


"The challenge for a biotech company is to be very innovative, move fast and in the right direction. This program will give the team access to a complementary, broad range set of software that will be useful for research design, analysis, and stay up-to-date with the latest trending ideas in the field." Yong-Zu Kim, Chief Executive Officer & President
"To compete in this cutting edge research industry, our scientists need the most updated and integrated information. The intelligence programs and training from the Elsevier will be a big help." Yeong-Soo Oh, Chief Technology Officer & Vice President
"I am very excited to participate in The Hive and be able to access a wide range of information tools that are provided by Elsevier. This intelligence will facilitate strategic prioritization and risk analysis of our pipeline." Se-Jin Park, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President
"Participation in The Hive enables LCB to conduct optimized search of relevant data. This ability to review global data will help us to design and conduct optimized clinical trial." Young-Lag Cho, Chief Development Officer
"We aim to bring breakthrough ADC platform technologies to address unmet needs in oncology industry. Elsevier programs will facilitate our development through providing us appropriate information in the course of setting business strategy and decision-making procedure." Jeiwook Chae, Chief Business Development Officer
"Ability to have the most updated data with available literature knowledge will greatly help my team to streamline ADC analysis protocol." Chul Woong Chung, Head of Biology Center
"The integrated information from the programs will help me get a better understanding of targets and our molecules in context of biology. This will help me design better drugs and new ADC platform technology." Ho-Young Song, Head of ADC platform team
"Reaxys, ReaxysMedChem, and ScienceDirect definitely will help me out with accelerating our unique technology before we go into preclinical study." Juyuel Baek, Project Leader

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