Elsevier is committed to reaching national agreement with Project Deal

At Elsevier, we’re committed to reaching a national agreement with Project DEAL and finding a sustainable solution in support of German research and its open access ambitions.

As a service provider, we work with the research community to understand their objectives and help them reach their goals in a way that is satisfactory to them from a content, service and economic perspective. Research institutions in some countries prefer to publish using an author-pays, open access model, while others prefer to publish for free and recoup expenses from the reader. Elsevier respects both preferences and offers both options to its users. With our German partners, we acknowledge their strong preference for an open access model.

Project DEAL and Elsevier agreed that the so-called Publish-and-Read model can play an important role in a transition towards open access. We also agreed that encouraging the transition to this model in Germany would be the basis for the national negotiations between Project DEAL and Elsevier. Moreover, there was agreement to work together to significantly accelerate the transition to open access in Germany. Despite those agreements and an attractive offer from Elsevier, Project DEAL and Elsevier were unable to agree an interim solution bridging the time needed to conclude negotiations for a national agreement.

Some German institutions decided not to renew individual contracts with Elsevier in anticipation of a national license. While Elsevier has maintained access for those institutions awaiting progress in the DEAL negotiations, we are now contacting those institutions to confirm their service requirements going forward.

We remain open to constructive talks to find a sustainable national solution in support of German research.

Please contact your librarian should you have any questions.