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Gender in the Global Research Landscape

Critical issues related to gender disparity and bias must be examined by sound studies. Drawing upon its high-quality global data sources and analytical expertise, Elsevier is developing a comprehensive new report, entitled Gender in the Global Research Landscape, as an evidence-based examination of the outputs, quality, and impact of research worldwide through a gender lens and as a vehicle for understanding the role of gender within the structure of the global research enterprise.

Anticipated in early March 2017, the public report will cover 20 years, 12 geographies and 27 subject areas, providing powerful insight and guidance on gender research and gender equality policy for governments, funders and institutions worldwide. In addition to global results and trends, the Gender in the Global Research Landscape report will include comparisons between research disciplines. For a preview of what to expect, take a look at Elsevier’s Mapping Gender in the German Research Arena 2015 report.

Elsevier has partnered with expert stakeholder organizations and individuals around the world to advise on the report’s development, including the research questions, methodologies, and analytics, and to provide a policy context for the report findings.

Report Symposium

Join us in Washington, DC on March 31st for the official report launch, which will include a discussion of findings and featured presentations by Rita Colwell, PhD, Chair of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine and Londa Schiebinger, PhD, Director of the EU/US Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment Project at Stanford University.

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