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Accelerate your productivity without compromising operational excellence

As engineering problems become increasingly complex and data proliferates at an astonishing rate, relying on a few trusted handbooks and a searchable reference database is no longer enough. In fact, Knovel users across manufacturing and engineering industries report relying on up to 15 different technical reference subject areas or databases to support their ongoing work*.

To truly get ahead of safety and process risks and win the productivity race, you need decision-support information solutions that:

  • Give you trusted data from multiple sources and content types (books, handbooks, manuals, tables, graphs, and more)
  • Evolve and grow with your data needs
  • Provide you with analytical and calculation tools
  • Integrate with engineering software and the rest of your digital toolkit
  • Give you continuous access even away from your desk

We know your work environment is changing and so should we. Watch out for the new Knovel that’s coming soon.

*Source: 2017 TechValidate Surveys of 380+ existing Knovel users

Faster answers

The new Knovel’s redesigned user experience accelerates your discovery of answers and insights from technical reference content sourced from over 140+ providers — so you can more quickly tap into must-have resources like Patty’s Toxicology and Yaws' Critical Property Data for Chemical Engineers and Chemists and discover more insights from other trusted and specialized sources like ASM International and NACE.

"As I narrow in, I can see if the results are more in line with what I’m looking for. That’s slick. I like that a lot." Principal Engineer at Equipment Manufacturing company, beta user of the new Knovel

Better data discovery

The new Knovel will offer new data discovery and search capabilities that let you easily perform data-related searches and narrow down your queries into more targeted results — so you can more immediately find and apply engineering equations and validated data points to solve your operational challenges.

"I could see myself replacing a lot of my textbook bookmarks with resources I access here [on Knovel]." Product Engineer at Chemicals Company and beta user of the new Knovel

A more tailored experience

The new Knovel will offer new ways to further tailor your experience through the MyKnovel features — so you don’t lose your pace when you’re looking for answers to engineering problems.

New to Knovel?

80% of our users saved at least one day on a single project using Knovel.
What’s more, our customers have used Knovel to:

  • Adhere to EHS concerns (72% of users)
  • Maximize uptime (72% of users)
  • Avoid unnecessary costs (65% of users)
  • Grow subject matter expertise (95% of users)

*Source: 2017 TechValidate Customer Surveys

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