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Transition to Practice

Empowering New Nurses to Thrive in Professional Practice

For new graduate nurses, the transition from academia to the fast-paced professional clinical environment can be overwhelming. A comprehensive onboarding program that empowers and educates nurses plays a key role in creating a culture of support and providing the necessary tools and engagement opportunities needed to help them acclimate.

Transition to Practice is a revolutionary platform designed to help accelerate your new nurses’ professional skills, confidence and competence while promoting greater retention rates. The interactive learner-centric platform engages and supports your nurses through standardized, evidence-based curriculum aligned with the American Nurse Association (ANA) Professional Performance Standards, enabling them to work through real-world, professional practice scenarios in a safe environment. The platform offers assessments designed to capture more data about each learner, measure professional abilities and identify learning gaps and struggling nurses sooner, for a more engaging education experience.

Transition to Practice is designed to keep your nurses engaged and supported throughout their critical onboarding phase:

Professional Skills

Our learner-centered platform delivers interactive, multi-modal eLearning to help improve your new nurses’ professional skill abilities and hone decision making through immersive, real-life simulations, resulting in safer practice and increased nurse confidence. By providing a more engaging learning environment that helps identify knowledge gaps and provides evidence-based content for each learners’ needs and preferences, nurses have a more meaningful learning experience.

Engagement and Support

Built-in feedback tools provide a safe space for nurses to self-reflect on feelings of confidence and support they experienced during their shifts, while providing nurse leaders with insights and candid feedback to enable real-time dialogue. Nurse educators and residency coordinators can closely monitor nurse satisfaction through survey responses and provide tailored support and guidance to individual nurses by using tools within the application.

Actionable Insights

Analytics and insights that reflect learner engagement, understanding and progress help nursing leaders identify trends at the individual and cohort levels in an easy to read, auto-populated dashboard. By integrating insights from self-reported satisfaction and performance data, nursing leaders can uncover potential cautionary signs that can help detect at-risk nurses sooner to allow nursing educators and residency coordinators to address concerns, enable early interventions and better support each new nurse.

Become an early adopter

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