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Are your new nurse graduates ready for professional practice?

Hospitals struggle to retain newly licensed nurses, seeing an average turnover rate of up to 35%1 and an average cost of $70,000 to onboard each nurse2.

Transitioning from school to the clinical setting is a real challenge as new nurses often struggle with gaps in professional skills. Providing a comprehensive onboarding experience can reduce new nurse graduate’s anxiety levels and increase satisfaction and engagement.

Do you have the resources in the right place to reach your goals?

Elsevier’s Transition to Practice platform builds newly licensed nurse confidence by accelerating professional competence through precision learning, monitoring satisfaction, and providing actionable insights to address concerns.

We are on the journey to address 5 core challenges hospitals face when transitioning newly licensed nurses to practice by focusing on empowering them and improving confidence:

  • Precision Learning: Assess new nurses’ skill level to provide a personalized learning pathway
  • Core Curriculum: Standardized approach to teaching the professional skills, with evidence-based, authoritative content
  • Effective and Innovative eLearning Experience for the Adult Learner: Improves knowledge retention and delivers self-paced learning
  • Identify At-Risk Nurses Early: Digital shift surveys frequently monitor nurse satisfaction. Nurse escalation feature keeps the nurse and manager connected during the transition period.
  • Actionable Insights Improve Outcomes: Digitally record progress and key interventions such as nurse satisfaction, improved competency levels over time, and retention

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