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The best hospitals
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At Elsevier, we believe knowledge is at the root of every superior hospital.

That knowledge, however, is not enough. Real gains come only when everyone is using the same current, authoritative content integrated into EHRs, clinical workflows, patient education and learning and competency systems.

Given the exponential growth of medical information, incorporation of evidence-based content into care can be overwhelming for even the best organizations.

But it can be done.

Learn how by downloading our executive brief.

Reduce Cost and Variability

Read our latest brief, Why Providers Need a Single Evidence-Based Content Partner, to learn how hospitals can reduce variability and cost.


Patient Experience

Enhancing The Patient Experience

Sonika Mathur, Senior Vice President & General Manager, and other industry leaders explored the practices shown to have the greatest impact in increasing patient satisfaction at the Healthcare of Tomorrow conference.

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Addressing the Greatest Threat to Healthcare

The damaging impact of variability is nowhere more apparent than in the world of health and healthcare delivery.

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demographic data

Using Consumer Demographic Data to Drive Insights

Lee Rivas, President, Clinical Solutions, demonstrates how healthcare can incorporate socio-economic data to improve care and patient outcomes.

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About Clinical Solutions

Elsevier focuses on helping you improve clinical outcomes. We work with you to empower your clinicians and patients, incorporate trusted content into workflows, optimize IT investments, and ensure that your team has the skills and competencies necessary to maintain consistent top performance and reduce variability in care delivery.

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