Solid State Ionics Best Paper Award

Elsevier is proud to sponsor the Solid State Ionics Best Paper Award

ssiThe Solid State Ionics Award for the Best Paper in the journal Solid State Ionics in 2008 was awarded to: M. Backhaus-Ricoult, K. Adib, T. St.Clair, B. Luerssen, L.Gregoratti, and A. Barinov for the paper "In situ study of operating SOFC LSM/YSZ cathodes under polarization by photoelectron microscopy".

Presented at the 17th Conference on Solid State Ionics in Toronto, Canada, 28 June - 3 July 2009.

Other good news: the journals Impact Factor 2008 increased by 21% compared to 2007, now being 2.425.