Editorial Newsletter 2015, 2nd edition

Karibu (Welcome greeting in Swahili)
By Charon Duermeijer – June 2015

CharonAsante. Habari Yako? Thank you, I am fine! Let me explain: I have been working on a voluntary assignment during April as part of a program “Strengthening indigenous academic and digital publishing in Tanzania”. It´s a different world and as the locals say here “That's Tanzania!" referring to the fact that things can suddenly change and it´s hard to plan ahead. I have met very dedicated scientists who want to connect to the rest of the world and wish to share their findings. They are passionate about contributing to Tanzania’s research culture. It was very exciting for me to assist to this development of science in Tanzania by sharing experiences around scientific research and education.

No doubt you share the same passion for contributing to science around the globe! As does the Elsevier Physics team.In the first few months of this year, we have launched several new journals resulting from various discussions with a number of you. A new dedicated publication outlet is created for the highly dynamic field of molecular astrophysics. We have also launched two new broad Open Access journals which are both very unique: SoftwareX finally allows scientists to get credit for the software they create and Reviews in Physics, the first OA review journal covering all areas of Physics. All these journals have a fantastic new and enthusiastic team of high profile editors from top Physics Institutes around the world.

At the annual APS meeting we announced the winner of the 2015 Physics Innovation award contest. We thank you all for the many very interesting entries. Dr. Maximilian Lackner, from the Institute of Chemical Engineering, Vienna, Austria has won the award with his idea on “Collaboration offers and requests - samples or topics for further joint investigations”. This fits so well under our 2015 motto `Where research meets innovation`. As my colleague has recently pointed out in a news article there are already more than 40 ways to enhance your journal article.

We are really excited to be serving the Physics community and helping you to publish your work. We know you have a choice when it comes to publishing your research and we appreciate you choosing Elsevier!

Best wishes,
Charon Duermeijer
Publishing Director, Elsevier Physics