Editorial 1st newsletter Physics 2014

Introduction/editorial for newsletter:

Charon Duermeijer – May 2014

Welcome to this inaugural issue of the Elsevier physics newsletter. Via this channel we would like to update you on our latest activities and plans for the physics journals.  In this first newsletter, we will share some of our latest initiatives such as Mendeley and Matlab. Bring you up-to-speed on our latest new journals and introduce you to our Institute in the Spotlight: the Physics Department of Fudan University!

Let me first introduce the team working to ensure your journals are run smoothly, developing them as scientific disciplines constantly change and start new journals if and when new research fields are surfacing.

editorial 2014 

Part of the physics publishing team based in Amsterdam

Our Publishing team (see picture) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, consist of 10 members from many different nationalities (Italy, Romania, Iran, Spain, Germany, Sweden). In Bejing, we have 4 additional colleagues who work with many of you to ensure special issues are published as quickly as possible.  In various other locations, there are more than 20 journal managers safeguarding our 79 physics journals and handling author queries in relation to the publication of your work.

It’s likely that you have met some of us at various conferences around the world or perhaps even when we visit you at your institute. If not, we do hope to meet you in the near future and in the meantime, we encourage you to let us know what would be interesting topics to hear about and how we could help you better in publishing and marketing your work worldwide.

We hope that as an author you can find an appropriate home for your scientific contributions in one of the physics journals, whether in large general, in smaller more niche or in one of our recently started titles. The scientific stewardship of your journals is managed by ~1900 editors and board members from around the globe with the invaluable support of more than 50.000 referees.

We know you have a choice in where to publish and we appreciate working with you!

Best wishes,
Charon Duermeijer
Publishing Director Elsevier Physics