Editorial Physics Newsletter Q1 2016

Making a difference by striving for diversity!

As we have started the new year, we are making plans on how we can further connect with you, learn about your research ideas and see if we need to adapt our journals to ensure a continued close connection with you and your research needs.

As you will see in this newsletter, we started a new journal “Surfaces and Interfaces” and are also welcoming papers for our new OA title “Physics in Medicine”.  These initiatives stem from numerous interactions with you and/or your colleagues. We give out a number of Physics awards (25 awards annually in total!), most of which are aimed at early career researchers. By enhancing theglobal visibility of these young scientists, these recognitions help them finding a research position in their field.

Further, I would like to introduce the Department of Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology as Institute in the Spotlight. They share their ambition in our newsletter and we have opened up some relevant papers from the department for further reading.

With International Women’s Day being celebrated this month, I’d like to share with you our aim to attract more female editorial board members and editors. We feel that the gender of editors in our journals needs to reflect the current balance in science and hence our continued focus on adding female editors to our journal boards. In this newsletter, you will find a selection of papers by some exemplary female scientists who have recently published in our journals. I trust you will enjoy reading these!

Hopefully we have the chance to meet personally at an upcoming Physics meetings during the year. We are really excited to be serving the Physics community and helping you to publish your work. We know you have a choice when it comes to publishing your research and we appreciate you choosing Elsevier!


Best wishes,
Charon Duermeijer
Publishing Director, Elsevier Physics